From 2016-04-20 to 2016-05-19


10:39 action #11864 (In Progress): release maintenance test updates


15:05 action #12040 (Closed): add 42.2 job templates in openQA
Dump the templates of the previous distribution, change version and import again. E.g.
script/dump_templates --hos...


13:59 action #11984 (Closed): publishing and mirror setup
Set up OBS and Mirror system to handle the new distribution
The ISOs and ftp tree needs to be set to be publish=en...
13:56 action #11982 (Closed): copy :NonFree project
The :NonFree project needs to be copied from the previous release lnussel
13:28 action #11980 (Closed): update all packages that hardcode the distribution version
All packages that hardcode the distribution version somehow need to be updated with the current version number lnussel


12:53 action #11904 (Closed): auto generate DVD content
The content of the DVDs is autogenerated. The new release needs to be integrated in the loop:
12:33 action #11902 (Closed): add 42.2 in Bugzilla
42.2 needs to be available as version in bugzilla lnussel
12:33 action #11900 (Closed): submit translation packages
Packages that contain translations may need to be updated and submitted lnussel
12:33 action #11898 (Closed): make sure nvidia packager is available for GA
the nvidia packager needs to be available to create matching drivers for the release lnussel
12:33 action #11896 (Closed): merge back maintenance updates
maintenance updates from the update project need to be merged back into the main repo
* use osc checkupdate (https...
12:33 action #11894 (Closed): make sure test updates are in the patterns
the default patterns should include the update test packages so test updates actually get installed. lnussel
12:33 action #11892 (Rejected): osp addon dvd
the osp addon dvd needs to be created/updated lnussel
12:33 action #11890 (Closed): make counter.o.o/link point to new portal should point to
12:33 action #11888 (Closed): ask community to add repo xml
12:33 action #11886 (Closed): prepare
prepare for RC1
*, app/controllers/main_controller....
12:33 action #11884 (Resolved): verify piwik works
12:33 action #11882 (Closed): get signed shim
Talk to security to request and submit a properly signed shim lnussel
12:33 action #11880 (Closed): create test plan for manual testing
create a test plan for people to manually test the distribution
New Plan for Leap 42.2:
12:33 action #11878 (Closed): call for translation
The most important languages in the distro, esp those on the DVD need to be translated. Remind translation teams.
11:31 action #11876 (Closed): sync releaes notes to correct directory
make sure release notes for the new release appear in
11:31 action #11874 (Closed): Create release counter
Start kicking the artwork team: we need the release counter updated! lnussel
11:31 action #11872 (Resolved): update slide show
the slide show needs to be adjusted for each release
11:31 action #11870 (Closed): EULA review/update
Ask Legal to review and potentially adjust the EULA.
The request form can be found in innerweb
Current license ...
11:31 action #11868 (Closed): update droplist
the weak provides for the list needs to be generated/updated
Tools to do that are on github:
11:31 action #11866 (Closed): add 42.2 to OBS distributions
obs needs a button to easily add 42.2 as build repo. Talk to Adrian or some other build service admin
11:31 action #11864 (Closed): release maintenance test updates
maintenance needs to release test updates in the update channel lnussel
11:31 action #11862 (Closed): create update channel
* create :Update project
* adjust obs backend mapping file to sync the repos to the correct place
11:31 action #11860 (Closed): create external sources list (defined in lnussel


12:20 action #11848 (Closed): enable sle12sp2 syncing to OBS
tell SLE release engineers to sync SLE12SP2 to OBS lnussel


08:59 action #11786 (Rejected): set end of life attribute in product file
/etc/products.d/ should have the endoflife option set lnussel

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