From 2015-08-16 to 2015-09-14


12:42 action #8780: Update openSUSE wiki
due to changes in a related task dimstar
12:42 action #8780 (Closed): Update openSUSE wiki
11:53 action #8778: Bug Squashing
An up-to-date list can be queried by:
11:47 action #8778 (Closed): Bug Squashing
Follow up with the relative package maintainers to get the CRIT and BLOCKER bugs out dimstar
11:25 action #8776 (Closed): IPRQ
create IPRQ document
Some information about IPRQ document:
The IPRQ document is a SUSE internal document ...
11:18 action #8724: ask maintenance to remove the test updates
During test phases, we needed some test updates to get the update stack tested - Ask maintenance to wipe the test upd... dimstar
10:54 action #8724 (Resolved): ask maintenance to remove the test updates
the test updates need to be removed from the update channel at some point before GA. Ask opensuse-maintenance@opensus... dimstar
11:15 action #8772 (Closed): Adapt to list the Leap 42.1 mirrors
Adapt the mirrorbrain "markers" and the index header template to list which mirrors provide the new release dimstar
11:13 action #8770 (Closed): Deploy
deploy release date at exact time dimstar
11:12 action #8768 (Closed): Test the Changes
11:12 action #8766 (Closed): Adjust for Leap 42.1
11:11 action #8764 (Closed):
11:08 action #8762 (Closed): tell nvidia packager to upload drivers
the nvidia drivers need to be uploaded once GM is ready dimstar
10:54 action #8730 (Closed): create test plan for manual testing
create a test plan for people to manually test the distribution
New Plan for Leap:
10:54 action #8728 (Closed): get openSUSE in the Cloud
There is a number of clouds/3rd party hosting out there where openSUSE is
available as option. 42.1 needs to be uplo...
10:54 action #8726 (Resolved): tell maintenance&security about GM and should know that the new release is in maintenance mode now. Also remin... dimstar
10:54 action #8722 (Resolved): sync the release to the mirrors
follow instructions in Sync-Opensuse.txt dimstar
10:54 action #8718 (Closed): find external BT seeders
put torrent in separate directories, ask for volunteers to seed => darix
Torrents are created using /work/cd/bin/t...
10:54 action #8716 (Closed): remind admins of release
remind admins about the upcoming release and to verify that the HA proxy can handle the load dimstar
10:54 action #8714 (Resolved): marketing brainstorm session
create a hangout with all the marketing guys to come up with creative things how to promote the release (to find idea... dimstar
10:54 action #8712 (Closed): communicate GM issues to marketing
If there are any known issues in GM marketing needs to know about them to decide how to communicate them dimstar
10:54 action #8710 (Closed): publish docu
Ping Frank Sundermeyer about it
10:51 action #8708 (Closed): call for translation
The most important languages in the distro, esp those on the DVD need to be translated. Remind translation teams.

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