From 2017-12-20 to 2018-01-18


10:58 action #27463: remove packages dropped from SLE resp Factory
a list from compare_pkglist,
New package but has removed from openSUSE:Factory - darcs
New package but has remove...


13:54 action #25062: Setup 15.0 release notes
so Could you check what's going on there please? lnussel


10:04 action #27463: remove packages dropped from SLE resp Factory
filed delete request against libQtWebKit4 and esound. mlin7442


11:05 action #25062: Setup 15.0 release notes
I (quickly) looked at this at the beginning of this week but did not come to a good conclusion:
* the Doc:Auto pac...
08:49 action #27463: remove packages dropped from SLE resp Factory
another SLE beta next week, run a check then. lnussel
08:46 action #27361: fix raid openqa test for storage-ng on the way to fix lnussel
08:43 action #24742 (Closed): fix release number schema for release
it's the way it is lnussel
08:41 action #25102: enable bots/tools
announcer is blocked by
Jimmy, could you take care of ...
08:36 action #30225: enable drop list generator
Jimmy, could you please get this to run on tortuga somehow? we need it for the upgrade cases to work. lnussel
08:36 action #30225 (Closed): enable drop list generator
pkglistgen can generate drop lists via
The mechanism how...
08:32 action #24738 (Closed): create separate flavor package for appliances
no complaints so far, closing lnussel


07:38 action #29565 (Closed): enable -fstack-clash-protection
02:30 action #29565: enable -fstack-clash-protection
Added as requested and ran `osc rebuild --all openSUSE:Leap:15.0`. jberry


13:21 action #30005: create schedule
KDE schedule lnussel
10:45 action #30028 (Resolved): cover the request is pending but there is another update available in source
our tool have to cover an scenario: the request is pending due to build failed or whatever reason, and there is a fix... mlin7442
08:37 action #29565: enable -fstack-clash-protection
Ic. changed to jberry. lnussel
05:19 action #29565: enable -fstack-clash-protection
I did not see this until now as this is attached to my personal account, unlike github and jberry OBS user. As such r... boombatower


14:10 action #27463: remove packages dropped from SLE resp Factory
manager42 now no longer marks vanished packages as FORK. It still requires a manual run with --all to detect lookup.y... lnussel
12:47 action #30005 (Closed): create schedule
create a release shedule. Update lnussel
12:34 action #27633 (Closed): submit packages that were in 42 to 15
mostly done. cleaning up adi lnussel
12:33 action #24832: prepare
Still struggling with getting the new design deployed. need to talk to Duncan. lnussel
12:33 action #27636 (Closed): submit packages needed by openQA tests
12:24 action #29565: enable -fstack-clash-protection
Was tested in staging.
Please append -fstack-clash-protection to generic Optflags in prjconf of 15.0 and trigger a r...


17:02 action #24898 (Closed): create basic wiki structure for new release
Thanks! lnussel


16:23 action #24804: sync releaes notes to correct directory
The script should be modified for multiviews


13:25 action #27814: drop pam-modules lnussel
13:19 action #27814: drop pam-modules
removed from prjconf lnussel
13:08 action #25062: Setup 15.0 release notes
Stefan, can you check what's missing on to make the release notes show up? lnussel


16:40 action #24758 (Closed): update all packages that hardcode the distribution version
branding-openSUSE still has 13.3 but that shouldn't matter for now as the branding is not finished anyways
15:48 action #27967 (Closed): submit missing SLE packages
15:48 action #24840: submit new Factory packages to Leap
move to next year, still 1500 submissions left from the 42 batch. Also, we should use a different project for 15 :) lnussel

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