From 2017-12-01 to 2017-12-30


13:25 action #27814: drop pam-modules lnussel
13:19 action #27814: drop pam-modules
removed from prjconf lnussel
13:08 action #25062: Setup 15.0 release notes
Stefan, can you check what's missing on to make the release notes show up? lnussel


16:40 action #24758 (Closed): update all packages that hardcode the distribution version
branding-openSUSE still has 13.3 but that shouldn't matter for now as the branding is not finished anyways
15:48 action #27967 (Closed): submit missing SLE packages
15:48 action #24840: submit new Factory packages to Leap
move to next year, still 1500 submissions left from the 42 batch. Also, we should use a different project for 15 :) lnussel


09:30 action #29598: bootstrap fpc
aggregated fpc from Factory in lnussel
09:30 action #29598 (Closed): bootstrap fpc
to bootstrap fpc the fpc package needs to be aggregated from Factory. Disable and wipe after fpc is in. lnussel


15:42 action #29565 (Closed): enable -fstack-clash-protection
Factory enabled -fstack-clash-protection, should have that in leap prjconf too? lnussel
10:33 action #24880: disable iso download in openQA
Indeed, I delete the other ticket, thanks lnussel
10:10 action #24880: disable iso download in openQA
Isn't that a duplicate of #25092 ?
Also, would you mind if we rewrite that ticket to use
RewriteCond %{REM...


19:50 action #24898 (Resolved): create basic wiki structure for new release
The bug report page is edited by me, too.
The packaging page was finished.
19:45 action #24898 (In Progress): create basic wiki structure for new release
The portal for 15.0 is created: AdaLovelace


08:08 action #29277 (Closed): notify all package maintainers that their package is in Leap
we should notify all maintainers who have packages in Leap about the fact just to be nice. We need a script for that. lnussel


16:11 action #28884 (Closed): set up bugzilla queries
16:11 action #27967: submit missing SLE packages
was done lnussel
16:11 action #24820 (Closed): make sure test updates are in the patterns
is the case, openqa tests show it lnussel
15:18 action #24738: create separate flavor package for appliances
Let's see what happens:


14:44 action #27463: remove packages dropped from SLE resp Factory lnussel
13:26 action #28884: set up bugzilla queries
done lnussel


15:51 action #24840: submit new Factory packages to Leap
due to changes in a related task lnussel
15:51 action #27633: submit packages that were in 42 to 15
asked bernhard to turn off the bug bot... lnussel
14:13 action #28884 (Closed): set up bugzilla queries
set up bugzilla queries for the new release
* all open bugs
* bugs with priority p2 and higher
* not triaged bug...
06:40 action #25644: update branding
This is an autogenerated message for openQA integration by the openqa_review script:
This bug is still referenced in...


14:48 action #28815 (Closed): compile a list of packages that are from sle but not maintained there
some packages are marked as coming from SLE even though not all or none of it's source packages are actually maintain... lnussel
14:44 action #26934 (Closed): add virtualbox back to ring2

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