From 2017-11-08 to 2017-12-07


14:44 action #27463: remove packages dropped from SLE resp Factory lnussel
13:26 action #28884: set up bugzilla queries
done lnussel


15:51 action #24840: submit new Factory packages to Leap
due to changes in a related task lnussel
15:51 action #27633: submit packages that were in 42 to 15
asked bernhard to turn off the bug bot... lnussel
14:13 action #28884 (Closed): set up bugzilla queries
set up bugzilla queries for the new release
* all open bugs
* bugs with priority p2 and higher
* not triaged bug...
06:40 action #25644: update branding
This is an autogenerated message for openQA integration by the openqa_review script:
This bug is still referenced in...


14:48 action #28815 (Closed): compile a list of packages that are from sle but not maintained there
some packages are marked as coming from SLE even though not all or none of it's source packages are actually maintain... lnussel
14:44 action #26934 (Closed): add virtualbox back to ring2


10:36 action #27361: fix raid openqa test for storage-ng has to be resolved first riafarov
08:46 action #28138 (Closed): fix package list generator
the package list generator needs to fully handle what we need
* suggested packages
* translation packages
* obso...


16:07 action #24752 (Closed): add new release to package list loop
This is now done by pkglistgen. It's running on tortuga. lnussel


16:04 action #27967: submit missing SLE packages
Max submitted them. Unfortunately leaper added Factory maintainers. A manual override was needed.
Now we need to f...
16:03 action #27967 (Closed): submit missing SLE packages
submit packages from SUSE:SLE-15:GA to Leap lnussel
16:02 action #27633: submit packages that were in 42 to 15
Max, I'll put this in the hands of your powerful scripts. Please make sure that leaper does not add maintainer review... lnussel
16:01 action #27355 (Closed): fix plymouth for texmode installation
worked around by including notify-daemon which prevents gnome from getting pulled in lnussel
09:14 action #24760 (Closed): publishing and mirror setup
this is done lnussel


15:47 action #25644: update branding
raw input files are here:
Someone needs to integrate that into packages
09:07 action #27814 (Closed): drop pam-modules
pam-modules was dropped from Factory, drop it from Leap too. lnussel


08:05 action #25102: enable bots/tools
suppkg_rebuild is up for Leap 15.0 mlin7442


11:39 action #27675 (Resolved): add raid1 test back to staging
add raid1 test back to staging when it succeeds in main project lnussel


13:23 action #24936: set up update-test project
And I can confirm that it works just fine after a test installation and testing to apply the updates using the plasma... okurz


16:46 action #24936 (Resolved): set up update-test project
16:45 action #24936 (In Progress): set up update-test project
I did this earlier... AndreasStieger
09:16 action #27636 (Closed): submit packages needed by openQA tests
several packages are needed to complete openQA tests. Make sure to either submit them from SLE-15 or Factory. Watch A... lnussel
09:15 action #27633 (Closed): submit packages that were in 42 to 15
Packages that
- were in 42
- still exist in Factory
- build for 15
need to be submitted to Leap 15. There is no...


11:12 action #25644: update branding
pinged Ken about the branding submission he wanted to do lnussel
09:46 action #25102: enable bots/tools
ttm is also on.
Max, what about suppkg_rebuild, I guess we also need to add it to 15?


23:06 action #25102: enable bots/tools
Sorry, I didn't realize there was more than staging-bot you wanted. I updated checklist to include both staging-bot a... boombatower
06:21 action #27361: fix raid openqa test for storage-ng
per Imo, ‎<‎imobach‎>‎ maxlin: the expert partitioner is not finished yet, so in some places there is a placeholder i... mlin7442
06:13 action #27361: fix raid openqa test for storage-ng
Actually I'm more curious what is that TODO meaning on mlin7442
05:31 action #27451 (Resolved): fix partitioning_lvm in staging
I merged the PR and cryptlvm test looks okish now. mlin7442
05:29 action #27358 (Resolved): fix staging UEFI certificate
mls copied the cert to leap 15 staging, I've triggered the relevant packages rebuild, however installation-images:ope... mlin7442

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