From 2017-10-07 to 2017-11-05


18:19 action #27361 (Closed): fix raid openqa test for storage-ng lnussel
18:17 action #25102: enable bots/tools
how are we here? lnussel
18:14 action #27358 (Resolved): fix staging UEFI certificate
The UEFI certificate in staging and rings is wrong.
Verify by checking /etc/uefi/certs in the shim package in Leap...
18:11 action #27355 (Closed): fix plymouth for texmode installation
plymouth doesn't terminate in text mode in Leap 15:
18:09 action #25786 (Closed): link project in namespace container
listing works now, thanks lnussel
18:08 action #24774: release maintenance test updates
could you ping adrian about this? Might be something on the obs backend lnussel


08:25 action #25786 (Feedback): link project in namespace container
Not yet supported xml tag in index parser ... fixed now.
Btw, you have a broken product definition in 000package-g...


19:57 action #24774 (Feedback): release maintenance test updates
Test updates released into openSUSE:Leap:15.0:Update, patchinfo tested.
Another round left in:


05:44 action #24774: release maintenance test updates
Could you please prepare the test updates for 15? Thanks! lnussel


14:51 action #24740 (Closed): copy sources of previous release
I think this can be considered done now. lnussel
14:50 action #25786: link project in namespace container
Adrian, any idea why 15 is not shown in the product xml? lnussel


13:55 action #25644: update branding
As per discussion with Ken today the yast color scheme and headline image remains unchanged. So does the plymouth boo... lnussel


07:13 action #26934 (Closed): add virtualbox back to ring2
virtualbox failed to build with the sle kernel and was therefore removed from ring2. add it back as soon as we have a... lnussel


05:31 action #25644: update branding
This is an autogenerated message for openQA integration by the openqa_review script:
This bug is still referenced in...


22:26 action #24746: setup openQA okurz
16:44 action #24746: setup openQA
Oliver, you can sync from :ToTest now lnussel
16:46 action #25102: enable bots/tools
ttm should be ready to be enabled too now lnussel
13:21 action #25102: enable bots/tools
enabled leap 15 in trigger-rebuilds lnussel
16:43 action #24752: add new release to package list loop
Description needs to be adapted. The new way will be to enable pkglistgen as soon as lnussel
16:39 action #25668 (Closed): Change TestDVD computation in Rings lnussel
13:44 action #25798 (Closed): ask for kernel submission
kenrel from Kernel:openSUSE-15.0 in lnussel


14:23 action #25786: link project in namespace container
it's linked but the product list doesn't show it lnussel


20:58 action #24794: add new release to OBS distributions
should be 15.0 in subject line and description, right? okurz
09:51 action #25102: enable bots/tools
should be fixed with lnussel
09:39 action #24828 (Closed): verify betaversion in product files
09:12 action #24828: verify betaversion in product files
done lnussel
09:14 action #25668 (In Progress): Change TestDVD computation in Rings
scripts done. still need to document it lnussel
09:12 action #25968 (Closed): change distribution to Leap in prjconf
done lnussel
09:11 action #24772 (Closed): create update channel
projects created. lnussel
09:00 action #24760 (In Progress): publishing and mirror setup
wrote adrian for bsconfig and publish script lnussel
08:58 action #24764 (Rejected): compile list of packages that were updated compared to SP2
does not apply this time lnussel
08:57 action #24746 (Closed): setup openQA
done lnussel
08:38 action #24746: setup openQA
[‎12 Oct 2017 10:31:16‏] ‎<‎lnussel‎>‎ okurz: leap 15 was scheduled as tumbleweed: okurz
08:56 action #24756 (Closed): enable iso syncing to openQA
looks working lnussel


12:59 action #25968 (Closed): change distribution to Leap in prjconf
prjconf of 15 still lists Tumbleweed as distribution
make sure to enable brp-trim-translations
08:18 action #24756: enable iso syncing to openQA
MR updated for parsing 'media.1/media', repo should sync fine now as well okurz
07:51 action #24756: enable iso syncing to openQA
MR updated. It seems we have a problem with the repo syncing. The iso is fine:
rsync: link_stat "/build/openS...


19:49 action #24746: setup openQA
Triggered once manually:
$ openqa-client isos post ARCH=x86_64 BUILD=22.4 DISTRI=opensuse FLAVOR=DVD VERSION=...
14:56 action #24746 (Feedback): setup openQA
dump_templates --host --full > o3_backup_$(date +%F).templates
dump_templates --hos...
11:38 action #24746: setup openQA
We could manually sync from the main project for testing lnussel
11:38 action #24746: setup openQA
OBS side is currently blocked due to
Nevertheless the job...
11:36 action #24756: enable iso syncing to openQA
Meanwhile I got the new pkglist generator running. The location for the DVDs changes therefore. Rings and Stagings no... lnussel


22:02 action #25102: enable bots/tools
Exception: 000package-groups is defined in two projects (openSUSE:Leap:15.0:Rings:1-MinimalX and openSUSE:Leap:15.0:R... boombatower
22:00 action #25102: enable bots/tools
enabled and started:
- staging-bot-daily@Leap:15.0.timer
- staging-bot-regular@Leap:15.0.timer
19:37 action #25102: enable bots/tools
Jimmy, could you enable the auto staging scripts for Leap 15 please? Generating the DVD content is not fully complete... lnussel

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