From 2017-09-11 to 2017-10-10


19:49 action #24746: setup openQA
Triggered once manually:
$ openqa-client isos post ARCH=x86_64 BUILD=22.4 DISTRI=opensuse FLAVOR=DVD VERSION=...
14:56 action #24746 (Feedback): setup openQA
dump_templates --host --full > o3_backup_$(date +%F).templates
dump_templates --hos...
11:38 action #24746: setup openQA
We could manually sync from the main project for testing lnussel
11:38 action #24746: setup openQA
OBS side is currently blocked due to
Nevertheless the job...
11:36 action #24756: enable iso syncing to openQA
Meanwhile I got the new pkglist generator running. The location for the DVDs changes therefore. Rings and Stagings no... lnussel


22:02 action #25102: enable bots/tools
Exception: 000package-groups is defined in two projects (openSUSE:Leap:15.0:Rings:1-MinimalX and openSUSE:Leap:15.0:R... boombatower
22:00 action #25102: enable bots/tools
enabled and started:
- staging-bot-daily@Leap:15.0.timer
- staging-bot-regular@Leap:15.0.timer
19:37 action #25102: enable bots/tools
Jimmy, could you enable the auto staging scripts for Leap 15 please? Generating the DVD content is not fully complete... lnussel


15:47 action #24756: enable iso syncing to openQA
ring1 and two now build a dvd so that part can enabled lnussel


15:35 action #25798: ask for kernel submission
sent mail to internal list lnussel
15:35 action #25798 (Closed): ask for kernel submission
ask the kernel submission to prepare a Leap variant based on the SLE kernel lnussel
12:48 action #25786 (Closed): link project in namespace container needs to link the new project to make the product list know about it... lnussel
09:47 action #24750 (Closed): bootstrap
this is done so far lnussel


07:18 action #25668: Change TestDVD computation in Rings
This issue was actually discussed with the OBS Team (adrian) who understands our issue.
They plan on implementing ...
06:40 action #25668 (Closed): Change TestDVD computation in Rings
With product converter as service and multibuild it's problematic to have links and branches, so openSUSE-release han... lnussel


21:58 action #25102: enable bots/tools
was pulling from wrong project and factory was commented out lnussel
09:48 action #25102: enable bots/tools
yup, service is running mlin7442
09:43 action #25102: enable bots/tools
seems to work fine locally. is the timer and service working? lnussel
09:35 action #25102: enable bots/tools
I've tweaked all scripts up to Leap:15.0, the content also updated, plus renamed to fetch-update... mlin7442
07:42 action #25102: enable bots/tools
Max, could you enable the update crawler please? Previous scripts are on the packagelists VM. lnussel
09:45 action #25644 (Closed): update branding
the new release needs a new branding
* <del>yast color scheme</del>
* <del>yast headline image</del>
* wallpaper...


16:02 action #24740: copy sources of previous release
looks like the lua change broke installation-images in ring1
For openSUSE-release maybe we need to disable it in _...


06:24 action #24756: enable iso syncing to openQA
according to coolo the overall OBS project setup is barely setup. The MR is still dangling and IIUC can only be prope... okurz


11:43 action #24766 (Resolved): sync 15.0 staging:dvd have the same config like ring2
done. mlin7442
09:02 action #24740: copy sources of previous release
all sub-package was created in the main project, now everything should fulfill up to ring2. but 000product is a probl... mlin7442


11:24 action #24740: copy sources of previous release
1) build against ring0 was removed
2) lua changes were in
3) php7 was in
4) several missed packages were in


19:23 action #24756 (Feedback): enable iso syncing to openQA
MR not merged, haven't received any feedback so far. okurz

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