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Updated by okurz 5 months ago

## Motivation
Users come to expect the dependency tab on any job that is part of a cluster. As of now we only render the dependency graph for the "latest" jobs in a cluster. On a clonee job the dependency tab is not shown anymore if a cloned job exists potentially confusing users.

## Steps to reproduce

1. Select any latest multi-machine job
=> you can see "Dependencies" tab
2. Restart the job
3. Refresh the page with the old job
==> "Dependencies" tab will disappear

this is happening to avoid displaying potentially huge complex dependency graphs covering multiple dimensions.


Expected result

A dependency
: We need to display tab should be displayed on all jobs that are or were at any time part everywhere to avoid confusion with situation when job has broken dependencies. But of a cluster while avoiding course we need to display overly avoid displaying over complicated dependency graphs

## Suggestions

. Two solutions came up come during discussion of this problem among asmorodskyi, mkittler, okurz:

with Marius and Oliver :
1. Display static link to dependency graph of latest job
2. Add checkbox "Display current Scheduled Product only" which would allow to see what was actually cloned for this certain cluster