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## Motivation
Within the tools team we want to improve our team work and efficiency working on our backlog. As discussed in the weekly tools team meeting 2019-10-22 we brought up the idea of a Scrum Master once again and decided to have one as an experiment for a limited time first and review after a trial period if we would like to proceed.

## Suggestions

* Appoint a Scrum Master
* okurz can help with the understanding of the role and processes
* Proposal by xiaojing_liu: Again have daily meetings, but voluntary, not necessarily every day

## Further details

We are clearly not running a Scrum process. Our process can be more likened to [Kanban]( where so far names for roles are less prescriptive. Potential alternative: [Lean]( . We could also see the role as "process guardian" but in a very helpful, positive, supportive manner, not "process police" ;) Also see which suggests "team lead" which unfortunately in our work context would lead to misunderstandings. suggests "Service Delivery Manager", sounds a bit bulky to me (okurz).

okurz can recommend as a very condensed introduction into what we need to care about. for more tutorials.