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Updated by szarate 7 months ago

Currently there's the problem with Pull requests sometimes being forgotten and open forever, leading to tickets that are open for too long just because a PR wasn't merged in time.

There's the proposal of using a bot that upon certain syntax either pings the person on irc, or better writes on an irc channel (#testing or #opensuse-factory? or #opensuse-someotherchannel? without being too noisy...

There are many bots that are available for this:

<del>* * [devbot]( which is the one used by the Tools Team.
* [probot/reminders](
* [brnbp/probot](

## Requirements for an acceptable bot:

The bot shall be able to fulfill the Acceptance Criteria post timebox.

These are suggestions, but definitely not limited to those. A quick test should allow us to move forward and pick what's best for the team.

## Suggestions

* Give a quick check to the options given or look for some alternatives
* Test the bot, ideally it will react when a PR has more than X days without progress, and when it is mentioned or when it reads a comment with certain syntax.

## Acceptance Criteria: Criteria (To remove timebox):

- <del>AC.0: Research is done in the specified time (more or less), and findings are documented.</del> -> DONE:

## Tasks:

- Setup [Stale Probot](

Acceptance Criteria: Post timebox
- AC.1: Bot is running and setup is documented in a wiki
- AC.2: PR older than 60 days without activity are considered stale
- AC.3: PR that is already marked as stale, with over 7 days of inactivity are closed
- AC.4: PR with labels RFC are excempt (can be expanded later)
- AC.5: Stale PR are marked with *STALE* label

<del>- AC.2:
Bot only reacts under the following conditions:
- Mention/Review comment (TBD)
- A PR open for more than X days
- a PR has been marked as approved
- AC.3: Bot behaviour as discussed:
- collect Data of PRs older than X days
- create List of stalled Prs which is revisited regularly
- <s>notify creator of PR and maybe last commentator</s> team agreed to skip this point</del> point