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## Motivation
We agreed that we should focus on YaST more as it's developed internally and close feedback loop.
Basic idea is to do QA with backlog which is synced with development. It includes integration testing, as we currently do, but more focused on YaST and being a precondition for other tests if installation doesn't work.
It will allow us to test features during the development and provide feedback, so it's cheaper and easier to change things. Additionally, it will prevent broken build from reaching integration testing when multiple QA teams will be affected

## Tasks
Short-term: split job group, take responsibility for the review, set it as a precondition for other functional tests. If installation is broken, there is not much sense in testing other components.
Establish process to judge overall product quality.
Long-term: sub-team joins SysMgmt team for the QA and helping to establish earlier testing

## Further points
* reduce scope for the reviewer (better focus), hence better understanding of the tests
* will be easier to involve YaST team and collaborate with them
* not much benefits for U-subteam, but definitely no harm
* potentially will affect collaboration between subteams, learn HPC/HA experience

## Acceptance Criteria

- separate job group for Y team