action #36778

Updated by okurz almost 2 years ago

## Motivation

As an outcome of #35766 we have decided following:

* we will try to avoid investing time in but look for better integration with openQA
* logic is complicated mainly because isos and repos are published using quite different structure for each distri
* we cannot share most of the repo content as contains internal infrastructure details

## User story
As a openQA user I want to trigger CI job using integrated tools in OBS/openQA itself.

## Acceptance criteria

* **AC1:** openSUSE contributors acting as release managers for openSUSE ports have access to all code that is executed for building, publishing, syncing, triggering
* **AC2:** Anyone can find the current status of builds+tests without needing to ask people to login to VMs over ssh

## Suggestions

* Collect opinions of stakeholders, e.g. openSUSE and SLE RMs, REs as well as PMs, e.g. coolo, DimStar, lnussel, michel_mno (ppc oS ports), dirk (aarch64 oS ports), guillaume_g (aarch64 oS ports), boombatower/jimmyberry (release engineer), maxlin, adrianS (OBS PO), ro
* Evaluate complexity and efforts to make publishing structures same for openSUSE repos, and then same for SLE
* Evaluate idea of integration of triggering mechanisms in OBS/IBS or openQA using api calls, etc.

## References