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Updated by okurz almost 7 years ago

## observation
There is a bug bsc#950695:
SLED12 after update to SLED12 SP1 RC2 using DVD the grub2 menu still kept SLED12 entries which should update to 'SLED12 SP1'

## problem
But openQA didn't spot it:
(In this test the grub2 menu has been updated and openQA passed it)
-Results for sle-12-SP1-Desktop-DVD-x86_64-Build3348-migration_offline_sled12
(In this test the grub2 menu has not been updated and openQA didn't spot it ;( )

Seems openQA ignore the specific characters of grub2's menu after update.

## suggestion

unregister all grub2 needles in that don't match your target system and check for specific ones to appear

## further details
*former title:* Is there a way for openqa to figure the grub2 menu