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88807 Open vSwitch command 'set_vlan' with arguments 'tap41 13' failed: 'tap41' is not connected to bridge 'br1' at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/backend/ line 152. openQA Infrastructure Resolved mkittler Related to #98835 Urgent
88538 Since 2021-02-11 all openQA CI tests fail in codecov "406 Not Acceptable {'detail': ErrorDetail(string='Could not satisfy the request Accept header.', code='not_acceptable')}" openQA Project Resolved kraih Urgent Concrete Bugs
88696 Executing /usr/share/openqa/script/openqa-gru fails openQA Project Resolved okurz Is duplicate of #88609 High Concrete Bugs
88496 openQA "t" tests time out (again) and take long openQA Project Resolved okurz Copied from #59043 High Concrete Bugs
88450 Flaky NTP offset alert openQA Infrastructure Resolved mkittler High
81859 openqa-investigate triggers incomplete sets for multi-machine scenarios openQA Project Resolved mkittler Related to #81206, Copied to #95783 High Concrete Bugs
80800 flaky/unstable t/full-stack.t, Failed test 'test 1 is running', Bailout called. Further testing stopped: URL for os-autoinst cmd srv not available openQA Project Resolved mkittler Copied from #72085 High Concrete Bugs
88609 Mojolicious 9.0 compatibility openQA Project Resolved kraih Has duplicate #88696 Normal Concrete Bugs
88474 All workers on powerqaworker-qam-1 are offline openQA Infrastructure Resolved cdywan Related to #81058, Related to #88225 Normal
88187 Set the addresses in the "internal clients" configurable openQA Project Resolved mkittler Blocks #81060, Blocks #76990 Normal Feature requests
80986 terminate worker process after executing all currently assigned jobs based on config/env variable openQA Project Resolved mkittler Blocks #80910 Normal Feature requests
80682 Automatic tests for our openQA containers - worker only openQA Project Resolved ilausuch Copied from #80520, Copied to #80684 Normal Feature requests
80334 job incompletes with auto_review:"(?s)terminated prematurely with corrupted state file.*No space left on device":retry , should automatically retrigger openQA Project Resolved Xiaojing_liu Normal Concrete Bugs
73285 test incompletes with auto_review:"(?s)Download of.*processed[^:].*Failed to download":retry , not helpful details about reason of error openQA Project Resolved okurz Related to #71827, Copied from #69448 Normal Feature requests
69577 Handle installation of the new "Storage Server" openQA Infrastructure Resolved nicksinger Related to #44078, Related to #66709, Related to #93683, Copied to #88546, Copied to #90629 Normal
18142 [labs] Create wiki with up to date information (linklist included) openQA Infrastructure Resolved nicksinger Normal
88745 [easy] Clicking on "Untracked" on /admin/assets yields "Not Found" page, better have no clickable link at all openQA Project Resolved ilausuch Low Concrete Bugs
88363 openqa-client cannot return job info openQA Project Resolved okurz Low Support
88183 [spike][timeboxed:20h] rancher: Create a simple selenium test for the UI as proof of concept QA Resolved ilausuch Low
87970 tumbleweed container images in gitlab CI fail on salt calls, e.g. "KeyError: 'cmd.run_all'" openQA Infrastructure Resolved okurz Low
81386 python-openqa_client fails to build on OBS for SLE 15/ 15 SP1 openQA Project Resolved okurz Low Concrete Bugs
59043 Fix unstable/flaky full-stack test, i.e. remove sleep, and ui tests openQA Project Resolved okurz Related to #59100, Related to #62015, Related to #54032, Related to #68836, Related to #71554, Related to #76900, Copied to #72085, Copied to #88496 Low Concrete Bugs
43619 Improve workflow for dealing with openQA's dependencies openQA Project Resolved tinita Related to #53546, Related to #55346, Related to #43718, Related to #70654 Low Feature requests

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