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# Subject Project Priority Category Difficulty
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126179 Some presentations reference the "openQA DSL" but doesn't mention it anywhere openQA Project Normal Feature requests
126212 response times very slow. No alert fired openQA Infrastructure High
124274 openQA reports non-sporadic issue when retry job just softfailed openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
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125216 Use qa-power8 for ppc tests in o3 - try one of the suggestions size:M openQA Infrastructure High
126290 Recover openQA Infrastructure Normal
121228 qem-bot comments on IBS size:M QA Normal
125303 prevent confusing "no data" alerts size:M openQA Infrastructure High
115019 os-autoinst/wheel-boot which can be used to test os-autoinst/wheel-launcher size:M openQA Project Normal Feature requests
125237 os-autoinst codecov check "fully_covered" returns 99% but codecov reports look like 100% size:M openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
125750 In salt-states-openqa support machines requiring ssh password login for root user size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
125444 Improve collaboration with Eng-Infra - SD ticket template size:M QA Normal
111992 Deal with QEMU and OVMF default resolution being 1280x800, affecting (at least) qxl size:M openQA Project High Feature requests
125903 Database connection error occurs when database is restarted size:M openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
122842 Configure I/O alerts again for the webui after migrating to the "unified alerting" in grafana size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
118660 Basic terraform recipe to replace OSD w/ workers (in the cloud) size:M openQA Project Normal

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