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# Subject Project Priority Category Difficulty
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116878 [tools][qe-core] Prevent openSUSE.QA.Maint pipeline from running all the time openQA Tests High Infrastructure
117172 Flaky alert about infrastructure packet loss openQA Infrastructure High
117229 [tools] openqa failing on worker QA-Power8-5-kvm:7 openQA Tests High Infrastructure
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104781 Getting familiar with oscqam plugin size:M QA Normal
107923 qem-bot: Ignore not-ok openQA jobs for specific incident based on openQA job comment size:M QA Normal
109920 Identify reproducible product issues using openqa-investigate size:M openQA Project Normal Feature requests
111066 Document suggested workflows for multiple teams reviewing openQA test results size:M openQA Project Normal Feature requests
114415 [timeboxed:10h][spike solution] qem-bot comments on IBS size:S QA Normal
115019 os-autoinst/wheel-boot which can be used to test os-autoinst/wheel-launcher size:M openQA Project Normal Feature requests
115418 Setup ow19+20 to be able to run MM tests size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
116596 CircleCI not reporting subtests anymore size:M openQA Project High Organisational
116758 Help with to add monitoring for the SLE maintenance update queue size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
116845 salt-states-openqa CI complains about "fatal: Authentication failed for ''" but no useful hint size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal

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