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# Subject Project Priority Category Difficulty
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111407 bot-ng "sync incidents" step fails in gitlab CI, reason unclear, log too big QA High
111473 Get replacement for existing machines, e.g. imagetester, openqaworker1 (potentially more) openQA Infrastructure High
104781 Getting familiar with oscqam plugin QA Normal
108266 grenache: script_run() commands randomly time out since server room move openQA Infrastructure High
111341 Open source QA Normal
111446 openQA-in-openQA tests fail due to corrupted downloaded rpm auto_review:"Test died: command 'zypper -n in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse-deps' failed at openqa//tests/install/ line 13":retry QA Normal
109737 [opensuse][sporadic] test fails in chromium due to lost characters when typing in the address bar openQA Tests High Bugs in existing tests
111590 [alert] HPC jobs not picked up for multiple days, job age alert triggered openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
111602 18-qemu-options.t makes apparently unsafe assumptions about qemu behaviour with multiple params openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
111605 Moving isotovideo version patch from RPM spec to cmake made it not work in tests openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
106685 Test using svirt backend incomplete with auto_review:"Error connecting to VNC server.*: IO::Socket::INET: connect: Connection timed out":retry openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
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110269 [alert] QA-Power8-4-kvm + QA-Power8-5-kvm: Disk I/O time alert size:M openQA Infrastructure High
110176 [spike solution] [timeboxed:10h] Restart hook script in delayed minion job based on exit code size:M QA Normal
111506 qa-tools: qem-bot - Development results leaked to dashboard size:M QA High
110136 [research][timeboxed:10h] Add alerts for any database IDs nearing a limit: Research the industry standard for postgreSQL software development and admins best practices size:S openQA Project Normal Feature requests
111066 Document suggested workflows for multiple teams reviewing openQA test results size:M openQA Project Normal Feature requests

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