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113087 [qa-tools][qem-bot] malformed data in smelt incident causes smelt sync fail QA Feedback okurz High
112916 postgresql.conf is invalid after recent salt changes size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Copied from #112718 Normal
112898 Minion workers alert triggering on and off size:M QA Feedback okurz Related to #96380 High
111998 Make our SLE related tooling work with upcoming changes to (2FA and ssh key based authentication) size:M QA Feedback mkittler High
111986 Ensure is properly used openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Copied from #111473 Normal
111171 Handle installation of new FC switch openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Low
109737 [opensuse][sporadic] test fails in chromium due to lost characters when typing in the address bar size:M openQA Tests Feedback cdywan Related to #107632 High Bugs in existing tests
113030 test distribution directory git revision can be parsed as "UNKNOWN" and openQA investigation fails to show test git log openQA Project Feedback okurz High Concrete Bugs
111989 Seems like o3 machines do not automatically reboot anymore, likely because we continuously call `zypper dup` so that the nightly upgrades don't find any changes? size:M openQA Project Feedback okurz Copied from #105379 Normal Concrete Bugs
113219 Create a master label at job group level to label all the jobs in the same build openQA Project Feedback okurz Normal Feature requests
112265 Just use bigint in all our database tables (for auto-incremented ID-columns) openQA Project Feedback mkittler Related to #112718 Normal Feature requests
111470 Reconsider folding ok results by default and/or uncollapse all on /tests/overview openQA Project Feedback mkittler Copied from #110719 Normal Feature requests
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112367 [tools] python-paramiko on Leap/SLE throws exception with ed25519 key size:M QA Blocked jbaier_cz Normal
111446 openQA-in-openQA tests fail due to corrupted downloaded rpm auto_review:"Test died: command '.*zypper -n in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse-deps' failed at openqa//tests/install/ line 1.*":retry QA Blocked okurz Blocked by #112232 Low
111347 [saga][epic] Properly maintained Maintenance QA tooling QA Blocked okurz Copied from #99303 Normal
110920 Emails from o3 are rejected by for certain sender/recipients size:S openQA Infrastructure Blocked okurz Copied from #110629, Copied to #112673 High
110884 [epic] Properly maintained open source mtui+oscqam QA Blocked okurz Normal
103736 Make aarch64 machine chan-1 up and running after it is broken size:M openQA Infrastructure Blocked nicksinger High
97862 More openQA worker hardware for OSD size:M openQA Infrastructure Blocked okurz Copied from #97043, Copied to #104970 High
96539 Conclude migration of QA Blocked okurz Normal
94105 [epic] Use feedback from openqa-investigate to automatically inform on github pull requests, open tickets, weed out automatically failed tests QA Blocked okurz Related to #91773, Related to #107014 Normal
91646 [saga][epic] SUSE Maintenance QA workflows with fully automated testing, approval and release QA Blocked okurz Copied to #99303 Normal
101048 [epic] Investigate and fix higher instability of openqaworker-arm-4/5 vs. arm-1/2/3 openQA Project Blocked mkittler Related to #101030 High Concrete Bugs
98952 [epic] t/full-stack.t sporadically fails "clickElement: element not interactable" and other errors openQA Project Blocked mkittler Related to #101734 Low Concrete Bugs
109846 [epic] Ensure all our database tables accomodate enough data, e.g. bigint for id's openQA Project Blocked okurz Copied from #109836 Normal Feature requests
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