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# Subject Project Status Assignee Related issues Priority Category Difficulty
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105621 [Alerting] Failed systemd services alert openQA Infrastructure New Copied from #105618 High
105618 [Alerting] CPU Load alert openQA Infrastructure New Copied to #105621 High
105603 openQABot pipeline failed: "ERROR:root:Something bad happended during reading MR data from SMELT/IBS: Expecting value: line 4 column 1 (char 3)" openQA Infrastructure New Copied from #104085 Normal
105274 Workers constantly logging websocket connection "finished by remote side with code 1006, no reason" openQA Infrastructure New kraih High
105169 Pipeline of openQABot project fails with "urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable" causing alert/notification openQA Infrastructure New Related to #95822, Related to #101274, Related to #104085 Low
104970 Add two OSD workers (openqaworker14+openqaworker15) specifically for sap-application testing openQA Infrastructure New Copied from #97862 Normal
103575 [virtualization][3rd party hypervisor] Worker is not reachable openQA Infrastructure New High
105432 Multiple build errors on devel:openQA openQA Project New Related to #105310, Copied to #105512 Urgent Concrete Bugs
105429 openQA's fullstack test fails in `shutdown` module openQA Project New Related to #105506, Related to #105515 Urgent Concrete Bugs
105417 OBS checks stuck in openQA openQA Project New Urgent Concrete Bugs
105379 Continuous deployment of o3 workers openQA Project New Normal Feature requests
105370 as well as the according /tests/overview page shows a comment, should show a label icon openQA Project New Normal Concrete Bugs
105310 OBS checks fail in os-autoinst with " backend::svirt::run_ssh does not exist! at ./22-svirt.t line 119." openQA Project New Related to #105432 High Concrete Bugs
105157 Needle editor canvas has broken border openQA Project New Low Feature requests
103971 [epic] Easy *re*-triggering and cloning of multi-machine tests openQA Project New mkittler Low Feature requests
103962 [saga][epic] Easy multi-machine handling: MM-tests as first-class citizens openQA Project New mkittler Normal Feature requests
101048 [epic] Investigate and fix higher instability of openqaworker-arm-4/5 vs. arm-1/2/3 openQA Project New Related to #101030, Copied to #101265 Normal Concrete Bugs
100688 [virtualization][3rd party hypervisor] Add svirt backend compatibility for vmware 7.0 openQA Project New Normal Feature requests
80908 [epic] Continuous deployment (package upgrade or config update) without interrupting currently running openQA jobs openQA Project New Normal Feature requests
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103791 After module failure, the console is broken size:M openQA Project Workable Related to #101295 Normal Concrete Bugs
102951 [epic] Better network performance monitoring openQA Project Workable Copied from #102882 Normal Feature requests
98457 [epic] Handle openqa-review reminder comments on very old jobs better QA Workable Related to #104577 Normal
94105 [epic] Use feedback from openqa-investigate to automatically inform on github pull requests, open tickets, weed out automatically failed tests QA Workable Related to #91773 Low
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93381 [O3]request to add an IPMI SUT to O3 openQA Infrastructure In Progress nicksinger Blocked by #97658 Normal
105145 osd-deployment pipelines fail because ContainersNotInitialized size:M openQA Project In Progress cdywan Copied from #103527 Normal Organisational
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