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76813 [tools] Test using svirt backend fails with auto_review:"Error connecting to VNC server.*: IO::Socket::INET: connect: Connection refused":retry openQA Project New Related to #104520, Related to #99345, Related to #107026, Copied to #105882, Copied to #106685 Normal Feature requests
109740 [epic] Stable os-autoinst unit tests openQA Project New okurz Normal Feature requests
110467 Establish reliable tap setup on ow14 openQA Infrastructure New Related to #104970 Normal
111063 ping monitoring for our s390z mainframes openQA Infrastructure New Normal
111066 Document suggested workflows for multiple teams reviewing openQA test results openQA Project New Normal Feature requests
111078 Simple automatic test exercising one of the existing happy path workflows of qem-bot QA New Related to #107923 Normal
111152 Investigation jobs run because of the lack of automatic carryover openQA Project New Copied from #110881 High Concrete Bugs
111156 No effect of remote PDU controls on and, check power connections openQA Infrastructure New nicksinger Copied from #111149 High
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87755 [teregen] Replace productdefs by API call size:M QA Workable Low
97121 [epic] enable qem-bot comments on IBS (was: enable qa-maintenance/openQABot comments on smelt again) QA Workable okurz Related to #96998 Normal
99345 [tools][qem] Incomplete test runs on s390x with auto_review:"backend died: Error connecting to VNC server.*s390.*Connection timed out":retry size:M openQA Tests Workable mkittler Related to #76813, Related to #111004, Related to #109656, Has duplicate #110902 Urgent Bugs in existing tests
105885 Continuous deployment of o3 workers - all the other o3 workers size:m openQA Project Workable Copied from #105379 Normal Feature requests
106056 [virtualization][tools] Improve retry behaviour and connection error handling in backend::ipmi (was: "Fail to connect on our osd environment") size:M openQA Project Workable Related to #102650 Low Feature requests
106783 Cover manual testing steps, especially for "exotic" backends, in os-autoinst contribution hints size:M openQA Project Workable Copied to #106867 Low Organisational
107032 [timeboxed:20h] [spike] Create integration test of os-autoinst's VNC module with VMWare's VNC-over-websockets size:S openQA Project Workable Low Feature requests
107497 [qe-tools] openqaworker14 and openqa15 - developer mode fails size:M openQA Project Workable Related to #104970 Normal Concrete Bugs
107941 [sporadic] openQA Fullstack test t/full-stack.t can still fail with "udevadm" log message size:M openQA Project Workable Low Concrete Bugs
108091 Most systemd units should not Want= or Require= (bsc#1196359) size:M openQA Project Workable okurz Related to #78390, Copied to #108125 Low Concrete Bugs
109112 Improve os-autoinst connection error handling (was: "Test died: Error connecting to <>: No route to host") size:M openQA Infrastructure Workable Related to #98832, Has duplicate #109719 Low
109635 Check grafana monitoring host performance size:M openQA Infrastructure Workable Related to #107881 Low
109734 Better way to prevent conflicts between openqa-worker@ and openqa-worker-auto-restart@ variants size:M openQA Project Workable Related to #109055 Low Feature requests
109746 Improve QA related server room management, consistent naming and tagging size:M openQA Infrastructure Workable Copied from #102650, Copied to #110521 Low
110136 [research][timeboxed:10h] Add alerts for any database IDs nearing a limit: Research the industry standard for postgreSQL software development and admins best practices size:S openQA Project Workable Normal Feature requests
110176 [spike solution] [timeboxed:10h] Restart hook script in delayed minion job based on exit code size:M QA Workable Copied from #109920 Normal
110260 o3 logreports - /var/lib/openqa/share/tests/obs/needles is not a git directory size:M openQA Project Workable Copied from #105924, Copied to #110389 Normal Concrete Bugs
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