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71908 [osd][alert] CPU usage alert (High IO wait on OSD) openQA Infrastructure New openQA Project - Ready 2020-09-25

71896 [y] Expert partitioning framework refactoring openQA Tests New QA - future 2020-09-25

71893 can not reach DNS anymore from a gitlab CI pipeline openQA Infrastructure Blocked openQA Project - Ready okurz 2020-09-25

71854 vault-docker requires CD openQA Tests New 2020-09-24

71836 [RPi] manual regression tests openQA Tests New dheidler 2020-09-24

71821 gke cluster detection by PCW openQA Tests New 2020-09-21 2020-09-21

71818 ec2 cluster detection logic need to take into account timestamp of created cluster openQA Tests New 2020-09-21 2020-09-21

71809 Enable multi-machine jobs trigger without "isos post" openQA Tests In Progress asmorodskyi 2020-09-24

71806 Tests on `aarch64_lse_smp4` machine are 2x slower since snapshot 20200911 openQA Tests New 2020-09-24

71635 [osd][alert] QA-Power8-4-kvm: CPU Usage alert - alert needs to be refined openQA Infrastructure Feedback nicksinger 2020-09-22

71590 [osd][alert] Implement proper monitoring of needed resources of workers openQA Infrastructure New QA - future 2020-09-21

71587 [sle][migration][SLE15SP3] Automation for openQA Tests New tinawang123 2020-09-21 30.00

71581 [sle][migration][SLE15SP3] test fails in patch_sle - solver test case not uploaded - post_fail_hook failed openQA Tests New 2020-09-21 16.00

71575 [osd][alert] limited /assets - idea: ask EngInfra for slow+cheap storage from central server for /assets/fixed only openQA Infrastructure Workable openQA Project - Ready mkittler 2020-09-02

71284 [sle][migration][SLE15SP3]: investigate leap migration related topic openQA Tests New coolgw 2020-09-14 20.00

71281 [sle][migration][SLE15SP3]: setup new smt/rmt server openQA Tests In Progress coolgw 2020-09-14 30.00

71203 [qam][maint][containers]test fails in container_diff openQA Tests Workable 2020-09-10

71152 [migration] Please add migration test from openSUSE Leap 15.2 to openQA Tests New 2020-09-09

71107 Document how customers using SLE and users using openSUSE Jump can reach the same content Jump 15.2 New lkocman 2020-09-08

71101 bugzilla setup let's add Jump 15.2.1 as a version Jump 15.2 Blocked lkocman 2020-09-08 2020-09-08

71098 openqaworker3 down but no alert was raised openQA Infrastructure Feedback openQA Project - Ready okurz 2020-09-08

70981 [qam] Improve zfs test openQA Tests Workable ph03nix

70978 automatic reboots on o3 to activate new kernel versions openQA Infrastructure New openQA Project - Ready 2020-09-04

70960 Agree on what can be delivered by end of October Jump 15.2 New lkocman 2020-09-04

70957 Maintenance setup for Jump Jump 15.2 New lkocman 2020-09-04

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