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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
125846 ALP [epic] March Prototype testing Workable Related to #124209, Related to #121093, Related to #117616, Related to #126041, Related to #126044, Related to #126047, Related to #126050
122029 ALP [sporadic] test fails in cockpit_service In Progress jlausuch
125855 ALP Create OBS-sync scripts for ALP Micro and Bedrock In Progress jlausuch
67930 invis-backup Add pruning functionality to invis-bbu In Progress flacco invis-backup - 0.11 2021-12-31
104826 invis-backup LVM Snapshot des Root-Volumes lässt sich mit 5er Kerneln nicht mounten, wenn es mit BtrFS formatiert ist. In Progress flacco invis-backup - 0.11 2022-01-31
46718 invis-sub-setup Create a setup-script for invis-sub-server In Progress invis-sub-setup - 1.0 Related to #38303
38303 invis-sub-setup Create a rpm package with basic directories, config files and dependencies In Progress flacco invis-sub-setup - 1.0 Related to #46718
31636 invisAD-client bringing invis-client package to opensuse factory In Progress kfreitag
54389 invisAD-setup DNS-Updates via DHCP-Server should be possible New invisAD-setup - Future
63634 invisAD-setup We should publish a list with the expiry dates of all VPN client certs New invisAD-setup - Future
37414 invisAD-setup Implementation of SingleSignOn In Progress invisAD-setup - Future
25198 invisAD-setup invis-Server Upgrade System Feedback invisAD-setup - Future
46472 invisAD-setup Evaluation: EGroupware New flacco invisAD-setup - Future
43424 invisAD-setup Add the functionality to create kopano-ressources to the user management inside the invis-portal In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - Future
36019 invisAD-setup We should think about the integration of kopanos libre-office online Version Feedback flacco invisAD-setup - Future
110263 invisAD-setup OpenVPN warnings New flacco
46121 invisAD-setup CalDAV to CalDAV synchronization (Server to Server) In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - Future
57308 invisAD-setup Domain names are restricted to two parts Workable flacco invisAD-setup - Future
67543 invisAD-setup Upgrade Test from invis-Server 14.1 to 14.3 (14.2 wird nicht veröffentlicht) In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - 14.3 2021-10-31 Related to #98042
97775 invisAD-setup Postfix Setup erweitern - Relay-by-Sender / Fallback-Relay In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - 14.3 2021-10-31 Related to #98042
98042 invisAD-setup Release invis-Server 14.3 In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - 14.3 2021-11-30 Related to #97775, Related to #81114, Related to #81080, Related to #67543, Related to #36511
97604 invisAD-setup Passwörter von Mail-Konten im AD In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - Future 2021-12-30
81076 invisAD-setup DHCP-Server Konfiguration im AD so vorbereiten, dass der Server Routen pushen kann. In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - Future 2021-12-31
111974 invisAD-setup Problem mit DNS bei Übernahme eines bestehenden AD In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - 14.3 2022-06-30
67540 invisAD-setup Build Kimai 2.0 package In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - Future 2022-08-31
110265 invisAD-setup Info-Datei im transfer Laufwerk sollte korrekte Anzahl Tage ausgeben New ingogoeppert
67552 invisAD-setup Provide a changelog Feedback ingogoeppert invisAD-setup - Future
65525 Jump 15.2 Initial Project setup New
70297 Jump 15.2 Move to openSUSE:Backports:SLE-15-SP2:Update, openSUSE:Backports:SLE-15-SP2:GA is all done and locked New
70300 Jump 15.2 Create pool repository for SUSE:SLE-15-SP2:Update New
70303 Jump 15.2 Disable ignore_missing_packages bit in the ftp tree build New
70393 Jump 15.2 gdb fails to build on non-intel arches since fpc is build only for x86_64 in packagehub New
66274 Jump 15.2 Numerous Packages in openSUSE:Jump:15.2 are outdated compared to SUSE:SLE-15-SP2:GA New
67366 Jump 15.2 [containers] test fails in docker_runc "Error exporting container" for ppc64le Leap15.2 New
66271 Jump 15.2 Where are Jump sources stored? New adrianSuSE
70255 Jump 15.2 Fork packages for Rejected CtLG Features New lkocman
70954 Jump 15.2 Agree on the scope of co-operation of Package Hub and Release team for incoming changes to Backports New lkocman
70957 Jump 15.2 Maintenance setup for Jump New lkocman
71107 Jump 15.2 Document how customers using SLE and users using openSUSE Jump can reach the same content New lkocman
71101 Jump 15.2 bugzilla setup let's add Jump 15.2.1 as a version Blocked lkocman 2020-09-08
70951 Jump 15.2 Agree on scope of review/testing for incoming changes from SLE before the product image gets build. In Progress lkocman 2020-09-10
73459 Jump 15.2 Fork packages for CtLG Features targeting SLE 15 SP3 New lkocman 2020-10-16
65762 MicroOS 15.2 enable package list generator New
68770 MicroOS 15.2 document how to integrate with health-checker New
67255 MicroOS 15.2 location on download.o.o In Progress 2020-06-02
68767 MicroOS 15.2 Document how to create containers for MicroOS New 2020-07-31
68746 MicroOS 15.2 improve raspberry pi wiki pages New 2020-07-31
67252 MicroOS 15.2 update wiki In Progress cwh
30595 openQA Infrastructure [ppc64le] Deploy bcache on tmpfs workers New QA - future Related to #30388, Related to #38780, Related to #64746, Related to #106841, Has duplicate #30249
40196 openQA Infrastructure [monitoring] monitor internal port 9526, port 80, external port 443 accessibility of o3 and response times New QA - future Related to #39743
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