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110266 [alert] Disk I/O time for sr0 size:S openQA Infrastructure High
102882 [epic] All OSD PPC64LE workers except malbec appear to have horribly broken cache service openQA Infrastructure Normal
98457 [epic] Handle openqa-review reminder comments on very old jobs better QA Normal
102266 [epic] o3 ran out of disk space openQA Infrastructure Normal
109818 [epic] qa-maintenance/openQAbot improvements QA Normal
73228 [labs] Create guide for new machines (from the "customer perspective") openQA Infrastructure Low
29015 [o3][monitoring] too often alert from nagios about swap space depleted; alarm notification disabled -> increase/disable swap? openQA Infrastructure Low
106909 [openqa-review] reminder comments point to specific openQA test details steps or openQA comments size:M QA Low
109028 [openqa][worker][sut] Very severe stability and connectivity issues of openqa workers and suts openQA Infrastructure Urgent
108896 [ppc64le] auto_review:"(?s)Size of.*differs, expected.*but downloaded.*Download.*failed: 521 Connect timeout":retry openQA Infrastructure High
106925 [timeboxed:10h][research] What are best practices and options in the salt and GitLab community to handle secrets openQA Infrastructure Low
108569 [tools] There are groups in Slack, we could have one for tools team, e.g. to be pinged in #eng-testing QA Low
108944 5 whys follow-up to Missing (re-)schedules of SLE maintenance tests size:M QA High
109253 Add monitoring for SUSE QA network infrastructure size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
110614 Add SLO based queries to size:S QA Normal
104970 Add two OSD workers (openqaworker14+openqaworker15) specifically for sap-application testing size:M openQA Infrastructure High
110301 alert about o3: ** PROBLEM Service Alert: is CRITICAL ** size:S openQA Infrastructure High
109623 Allow adding scheduling settings for informal purposes that are not added to openQA jobs QA Normal
104217 Ask eng infra why stopped working openQA Infrastructure Normal
109878 bot-ng schedule/approve aborted QA Normal
109055 Broken workers alert openQA Infrastructure Urgent
110293 Can not ping openQA Infrastructure High
108401 Can't call method "id" on an undefined value at V1/ openQA Infrastructure Normal
109779 Cannot approve incident due to test report parsing error QA High
107989 CPU-specific worker classes openQA Infrastructure Low
109701 enable qem-bot comments on IBS again after subscriptions can be personally configured QA Normal
110452 throws an error with "Faithfully yours, nginx." so the jenkins instance behind seems to be problematic QA Urgent
110296 Machines within unavailable (was: Some ipmi workers become offline which affects PublicRC-202204 candidate Build137.1 test run) openQA Infrastructure Urgent
110497 Minion influxdb data causing unusual download rates size:M openQA Project High
108869 Missing (re-)schedules of SLE maintenance tests size:M QA Urgent
108845 Network performance problems, DNS, DHCP, within SUSE QA network auto_review:"(Error connecting to VNC server.*qa.suse.*Connection timed out|ipmitool.*qa.suse.*Unable to establish)":retry but also other symptoms size:M openQA Infrastructure Urgent
107671 No aggregate maintenance runs scheduled today on osd size:M QA High
108533 o3 logreports DBI Exception: DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type integer openQA Infrastructure High
108665 openqa_from_containers repeatedly failing at build openQA Infrastructure High
109052 openqa_install+publish fails in dashboard openQA Infrastructure High
108998 openqa_install+publish fails in start_test openQA Infrastructure High
110262 openqa_review: Github action failed with "tox4: command not found" QA Normal
102650 Organize labs move to new building and SRV2 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
103524 OW1: performance loss size:M openQA Infrastructure High
105250 process: daily updates: Improve our feedback time on what we do aka. "Make dailys great again" QA Low
108743 qa-power8-5-kvm minions alert is heart-broken openQA Infrastructure High
109512 qem-bot - add vars with GitlabCI job link and qem-dashboard link QA Low
109977 qem-bot - approve pipeline failed with 403 forbidden size:M QA Normal
109488 qem-bot - better logging QA Low
108671 Resilient IPMI recovery of o3 machines in monitor-o3 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
109494 Restore network connection of arm-4/5 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
109969 s390zp19 - out of disk space openQA Infrastructure High
109298 salt-minion on grenache-1 is not working preventing OSD deployment openQA Infrastructure High
109971 Service `systemd-journal-flush` timed out on OSD size:M openQA Infrastructure High
110167 Tests for qem-bot QA Low
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