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104347 Lost salt connection from some hosts in OSD infrastructure due to no route to host "salt" openQA Infrastructure Low
104344 Inconsistent systemd default target in OSD infrastructure openQA Infrastructure Low
104172 osd service ca-certificates failed with "p11-kit: couldn't complete writing of file: /var/lib/ca-certificates/ca-bundle.pem.tmp: File exists" openQA Infrastructure Low
103999 Include Mojo-IOLoop-ReadWriteProcess in our team wiki for usual processes size:S QA Low
102713 Implement proper backups for o3 - list of installed packages openQA Infrastructure Low
102335 qa-tools-backlog-assistant: Automated runs of the workflow are making pull requests impossible to accept QA Low
101073 Smoke test of basic rust/cargo functionality size:S QA Low
99339 Find out with SUSE-IT what is the best way to collaborate based on tickets QA Low
99204 Upgrade postgresql database version on osd to default of Leap 15.3, like on o3 openQA Infrastructure Low
99201 Upgrade postgresql database version on o3 to default of Leap 15.3, i.e. postgres14 size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
96356 Improve openqa-review generation: Try to preserve old reports if individual new ones can not be generated QA Low
96350 Improve openqa-review generation: Add date to index size:S QA Low
94015 proper backup for osd openQA Infrastructure Low
44078 Implement proper backups for o3 size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
105612 [tools] Make yaml-ng default for repose QA Normal
105373 Ask to increase OSD /srv so that we can save enough logs+DB openQA Infrastructure Normal
105244 retrospective outcome: Come up with best practices for creating pull requests that depend on each other QA Normal
104607 Verify fix for regarding QEMU+OVMF, ensure updated packages on o3 size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
104031 bot-ng: Provide manual openQA trigger commands for retrying/retriggering/triggering special tests QA Normal
104025 Grafana: grenache-1: partitions usage (%) alert QA Normal
104004 Subscribe to Mojo-IOLoop-ReadWriteProcess github issues + pull requests size:S QA Normal
103954 Run asset cleanup concurrently to results based on config on o3 as well openQA Infrastructure Normal
103848 No permission to view SD tickets filed for broken arm workers openQA Infrastructure Normal
103845 [epic] Get involved with Mojo-IOLoop-ReadWriteProcess QA Normal
103683 [tools][sle][x86_64][aarch64][QEMUTPM] install package "swtpm" on x86_64 and aarch64 workers openQA Infrastructure Normal
103554 o3 s390x worker instances 102+103 down whereas 101+104 are up openQA Infrastructure Normal
103530 failed systemd services alert - openqaworker-arm-3 - ovsdb-server size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
103518 opencv update broke os-autoinst (was: Tests on Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 are broken) openQA Infrastructure Normal
103128 gitlab CI pipelines sporadically fail with "Could not resolve host:", e.g. Recovery pipelines for ARM workers might fail during the maintenance window size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
102284 openQABot pipeline failed with simplejson.errors.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0) openQA Infrastructure Normal
101962 update BMC/IPMI firmware on openQA hosts openQA Infrastructure Normal
101006 Provide unique non-dictionary passwords for all our IPMI/HMC interfaces size:S openQA Infrastructure Normal
98673 [retro] Unhandled alert about job queue for nearly a day, users brought it up in chat, should have been picked up sooner size:S QA Normal
97091 teach SUSE QE Tools team about "Extreme Programming" and Kanban size:M QA Normal
96974 [epic] Improve/reconsider thresholds for skipping cleanup openQA Infrastructure Normal
96827 gitlab CI pipeline failed with Job failed: pod status is Failed size:S QA Normal
96353 Improve openqa-review generation: If individual reports can not be generated, mention that as well with an explicit message QA Normal
96269 Define what a "complete OSD backup" should or can include openQA Infrastructure Normal
94492 Configure retention/downsampling policy for monitoring data stored within InfluxDB size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
88546 Make use of the new "Storage Server", e.g. complete OSD backup openQA Infrastructure Normal
80812 Fix mail sending on o3 size:S openQA Infrastructure Normal
104992 [virtualization][3rd party hypervisor] vmware test run failed with credential errors openQA Infrastructure High
104967 File systems alert repeatedly triggering on and off openQA Infrastructure High
104965 openqaworker10 restarted into maintenance mode - reason unknown openQA Infrastructure High
104869 Packages not building on Leap 15.2 and SLE15-SP3 openQA Infrastructure High
104673 Access to o3 workers is not well-documented and not automated openQA Infrastructure High
104304 Crosscheck results of on arm-1/2/3 vs. arm-4/5 to find out if arm-4/5 are "typing stable" size:M openQA Infrastructure High
104088 bot-ng pipeline consistently fails with KeyError: 'test_issues' openQA Infrastructure High
104085 openQABot pipeline failed with terminating connection due to administrator command size:S openQA Infrastructure High
103762 gitlab CI pipeline failed with Error cleaning up pod: Delete ... connect: connection refused Job failed (system failure): prepare environment: waiting for pod running ... i/o timeout. Check ... for more information QA High
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