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111159 Check if we can give away our left-over 10G cisco switch openQA Infrastructure Low
110167 Tests for qem-bot QA Low
106832 Monitor masked units on our infrastructure openQA Infrastructure Low
87755 [teregen] Replace productdefs by API call size:M QA Low
29015 [o3][monitoring] too often alert from nagios about swap space depleted; alarm notification disabled -> increase/disable swap? openQA Infrastructure Low
112844 this is a test ticket, please ignore me! openQA auto review Normal
112781 Connect and switch on autobot for Anton openQA Infrastructure Normal
112718 [alert][osd] is not reachable anymore, response times > 30s, multiple alerts over the weekend openQA Infrastructure Normal
112553 [osd][amd][zen3][network][sriov] New AMD Zen3 machine on OSD lost its nework connection with p3p1 interface openQA Infrastructure Normal
111440 Avoid OSD deployment monitoring to fail due to WIP dashboard alerts openQA Infrastructure Normal
111344 Ensure we know all relevant implications of open sourcing mtui+qam-oscplugin QA Normal
111272 oscqam reports in smelt show text like "See Testreport: <bound method Template.fancy_url of <oscqam.models.Template object at 0x7f51e43264e0>>SUSE:Maintenance:24247:272218/log" QA Normal
111075 Collect code coverage for qem-bot QA Normal
111063 Ping monitoring for our s390z mainframes size:S openQA Infrastructure Normal
110614 Add SLO based queries to size:S QA Normal
110575 [epic] Necessary change for qam-oscplugin: change the way we (un-)assign maintenance updates QA Normal
110494 alert: openqaworker5 host up size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
110409 qem-dashboard - remove old openQA jobs when rr_number changes size:M QA Normal
110176 [spike solution] [timeboxed:10h] Restart hook script in delayed minion job based on exit code size:M QA Normal
109818 [epic] qa-maintenance/openQAbot improvements QA Normal
109641 [epic] qem-bot improvements QA Normal
104217 Ask eng infra why stopped working openQA Infrastructure Normal
102882 [epic] All OSD PPC64LE workers except malbec appear to have horribly broken cache service openQA Infrastructure Normal
102266 [epic] o3 ran out of disk space openQA Infrastructure Normal
112835 All "developers" in progress QA project hierarchy should be able to change the status of "openqa-force-result" tickets same as for "action" openQA Infrastructure High
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