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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
126623 openQA Project Tags can't coexist with builds that contain semicolons New openQA Project - Ready
126614 openQA Tests test fails in push_container_image_to_AZURE New
126596 qe-yam Add SLES15SP4 migration regression cases to Misc. job group on aarch64, s390x and x86_64 New
126548 QA [qem-dashboard] Add an API endpoint to flag openQA jobs as missing in openQA New kraih openQA Project - Ready Related to #126551, Related to #126554
126542 openSUSE admin Opensuse mirror in Armenia not being listed on mirrors.o.o New andriinikitin
126530 openQA Project [openQA-in-openQA] Repository 'devel_openQA' is invalid New openQA Project - Ready
126518 openQA Tests [qe-core] Metadata check does not show up on GH like tidy (for instance) does New
126488 qe-yam [Investigate] Test stuck at 'Writing NIS configuration' in nis_client New
126446 openQA Tests no enabled repositories defined in registration New
126443 openQA Tests PublicIPCountLimitReached Cannot create more than 100 public IP addresses New
126440 openQA Tests No route to host in prepare_instance New
126437 openQA Tests az disk create failed New
126344 qe-yam Fix failures on force_scheduled_tasks on s390x New
126332 openSUSE admin Fwd: How to add a new project under specific namespace? New
126323 ZSystems hashlink: 2 missing declarations New
126113 QA [tools][metrics] Only show queries in backlogger output that are relevant for the according output mode New QA - future Copied from #121582
126068 qe-yam Infinite grub timeout is not set for TW on o3 New
126065 openQA Project Provide an easy way to slow down test interaction around needle matches New QA - future
126062 openQA Project Implement gradual mouse motions as an option New QA - future
126053 openQA Tests [qe-core] Automate attaching logs to bugs open by openQA New
125996 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in ntp_client: time too far off to correct in 30s New
125990 openQA Project Allow client-side validation of YAML files posted via `openqa-cli` New QA - future Related to #92311
125864 openQA Tests wicked is not properly configured after switching from NM to wicked New
125774 openQA Tests [qe-sap]test fails in disable_kdump New emiura
125759 qe-yam fail in yast2_bootloader does not produce yast logs for the test New
125744 openQA Infrastructure [tools][alert][FIRING:1] (Failed systemd services alert (except QDG8aXAVz) due to unable to reach New dheidler QA - future
125708 openQA Project [epic] Future ideas for more stable non-qemu backends New QA - future Copied from #109656
125687 openSUSE admin code.o.o error when creating new repos New Related to #125897
125666 openSUSE admin source not available in tumbleweed snapshots New
125657 openQA Tests [qe-core] Introduce Kiwi tests New Related to #88231
125633 openSUSE Release Process eliminate i586: Exclude i586 builds on openSUSE:Factory (dimstar) New dimstar 2023-04-04 Follows #125630
125630 openSUSE Release Process eliminate i586: Adjust publisher scripts (OBS/pontifex) New adrianSuSE 2023-03-29 Follows #125627, Precedes #125633
125627 openSUSE Release Process openQA: eliminate i586 from openSUSE:Factory New 2023-03-28 Follows #125624, Precedes #125630, Copied to #125909
125624 openSUSE Release Process product change: no longer build i586 media (dimstar) New dimstar 2023-03-27 Precedes #125627
125621 openSUSE Release Process Eliminate i586 from openSUSE:Factory publish tree New dimstar 2023-04-04
125606 openQA Tests [qe-core] Test glibc on 11SP4 New QA - QE-Core: Ready Copied from #124101
125549 qe-yam Investigate How to syn latest Leap in O3 with asset folder in OSD New Related to #124964
125546 qe-yam Create AutoYaST test cases for leap image with gnome,text and KDE. New Related to #124964
125522 QA [qe-core] Retrospected follow ups and ideas New QA - QE-Core: Ready
125504 openSUSE admin mailman3 - odd mails being tried New
125453 QE-Workstation osc crashing when selecting rejection reason New
125420 openQA Tests [security][fips] improve tests for Firefox password handling New
125402 openSUSE admin Rename SUSE-IT group to SUSE-Admins New
125360 openQA Tests [qe-core] softfailure in ansible New
125321 openSUSE admin 2023-04-06 19:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting New opensuse-admin
125300 openQA Project Support creating demo videos with pauses and mouse moving New QA - future 2023-03-24 Related to #122908
125201 openQA Tests test fails in bootloader_start - worker or possible network issue ? New
125177 qe-yam Add testsuites of autoyast_mini for aarch64 and s390x New qe-yam - Current
125150 QA [qem-dashboard] Give suggestions how to handle if incident test results are empty New QA - future
125138 openQA Project Pick color-blindness friendly colors for the needle editor New QA - future
125126 openQA Tests [qe-core] Ensure that each SLE release request assigned with "qam-openqa" has at least a "fake" openQA test New
125102 openQA Project Support multi machine when triggering job use 'isos post' New QA - future
125060 openSUSE admin discontinued @ gwdg - discontinued? New
125054 openQA Infrastructure Review New QA - future
125051 openSUSE admin Reviving, DNS record update record needed New andriinikitin
125048 openSUSE admin Jitsi Meet server? New
124991 openQA Project Copy ids of other investigate jobs to retry job New openQA Project - Ready Copied from #109920
124970 qe-yam SLE15 SP5 Manual testing for RMT regression case New qe-yam - Current
124922 qe-yam Create autoyast installation for SLES-15-SP3-s390x-GM-SDK-gnome-allpatterns.qcow2 New qe-yam - Current
124886 qe-yam Create autoyast installation for SLES-15-SP2-s390x-GM-SDK-gnome.qcow2 New qe-yam - Current
124853 openSUSE admin Re: paste.o.o no longer remembers fields, instead uses comic names? New Related to #124850
124850 openSUSE admin paste.o.o no longer remembers fields, instead uses comic names? New hellcp Related to #124847, Related to #124853
124847 openSUSE admin Re: paste.o.o no longer remembers fields, instead uses comic names? New Related to #124850
124844 qe-yam Investigate health_check fails for spvm New qe-yam - Current Related to #124589
124832 qe-yam 15.5 aarch64 awaiting grub entry but goot a console login instead New ggardet_arm Related to #124805
124820 openSUSE admin Deregister mirror at New andriinikitin
124805 qe-yam test fails in disable_grub_timeout New Related to #124832, Related to #124733
124793 openSUSE admin permission denied. Command output: Request was denied by your Redmine server. New
124784 openSUSE admin Problems with username/password/email on Forums New
124775 openSUSE admin bbswitch nvidia-g04 not available for kernel 6.1.12-1-default New
124727 openSUSE admin Progress API New Is duplicate of #124559
124712 openSUSE admin An error in the link to the repofile New
124646 qe-yam [ALP] consider using y2log-util for any yast tests New Related to #68794
124640 openQA Tests [Leap 15.5] yast2_ntpclient - bin/cp: cannot stat '/mnt/boot/vmlinuz': No such file or directory New
124616 openQA Tests [qe-sap] test fails in boot_windows New
124607 openQA Tests [qe-sa] test fails in fencing New
124562 openQA Infrastructure Re-install at least one of the new OSD workers located in Prague New QA - future Copied from #113366
124559 openSUSE admin Banned ip for progress? New Has duplicate #124727
124487 openQA Project [openqa_logwarn] Can't call method "BUILD" on an undefined value at /usr/share/openqa/script/../lib/OpenQA/WebAPI/Plugin/ New QA - future
124473 QA [tools] Automatic regression tests export from openQA New QA - future Related to #94600, Related to #110016
124470 openQA Tests [qe-core] Move create_hdd* to use autoyast New Related to #120856, Related to #124733
124409 openQA Tests [qe-sap] test fails in migrate_sles_to_sles4sap New emiura
124406 openQA Tests [qe-sap] test fails in sap_suse_cluster_connector New
124394 openQA Project [epic] openqa-clone-job should check for missing assets when explicitly selected by option or by default on "--within-instance" New QA - future Copied from #124146
124364 openQA Tests [desktop] updates_packagekit_gpk: xfce does not install gpk-update-viewer by default New
124340 openSUSE admin RFC: forward webmaster@o.o to admin@? New
124328 openSUSE admin olaf: /usr/bin/create_mirrors-webpages - parse error New
124319 openSUSE admin New IP addresses for New
124161 openQA Project [vmware][esxi] Frequent websocket connection establishing will cause sending key no response New QA - future Related to #100688
124125 openQA Tests [qe-core] Maintenance openQA setup for Leap 15.5 New jstehlik
124119 openQA Infrastructure Conduct the migration of remaining SUSE openQA systems IPMI to new security zones New QA - future Copied from #120270
124110 openQA Tests [qe-core] Define critical testing path for critical situations New
124092 qe-yam test fails because there is no qcow2 image New
124074 openQA Tests [qe-core] leap 15.5 in extra_tests_in_textmode failed New
124071 openQA Tests [qe-core] ...repo is not signed New
124065 openQA Tests [opensuse] Leap 15.5 KDE: konsole window was started with too small size New favogt
124014 qe-yam Watch for powerpc KVM yast2_nfs_v3/4_server/client if network issues still persist New qe-yam - Current Related to #121555
123972 openQA Project s390x tests fail to log into VNC console on worker2 due to already present VM with same mac address, check within backend New QA - future Copied from #123960
123963 QA [qem-bot] bot-ng should support the "!include" tag just like "" dose New QA - future
123936 openQA Tests [virtualization][network][performance] Virtual machine installation failed several times due to poor network performance New
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