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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
127040 openQA Project [epic] Scale out: Easier and automated disaster recovery deployments of openQA New QA - future Copied from #98472
127037 openQA Project os-autoinst on SLE+package New openQA Project - Ready
127034 openQA Project [spike][timeboxed:20h] Run openQA (webUI+worker based on SLE to find out problems New openQA Project - Ready
127031 openQA Project [saga][epic] openQA for SUSE customers Blocked okurz openQA Project - Ready
127028 openQA Project [epic] openQA on SLE New openQA Project - Ready
127025 QA [tools][metrics] Improve cycle + lead times in Grafana New QA - future Copied from #121582
127016 openQA Project Duplicate auto_review comments New QA - future
127001 openQA Tests [cloud-qe] Leap Micro 5.4 images does not seem to be imported to openQA Feedback jlausuch
126998 openQA Tests [security]test fails in evm_protection_digital_signatures New
126962 openQA Infrastructure Use templating for all provisioned "unified alerts" were the original alerts were part of templated dashboards In Progress mkittler openQA Project - Ready 2023-04-15
126959 openQA Project Make testapi::script_run die on timeout by default without needing any additional options Feedback okurz openQA Project - Ready 2023-04-21
126953 QA [tools] mtui hangs on disconnect if network is offline New QA - future
126950 openQA Project [openQA-in-openQA] openQA tests in pull requests to New openQA Project - Ready
126941 openQA Infrastructure [spike] Evaluate a move of the osd database to its own VM New QA - future
126938 openQA Project [spike] Simple load-balancing proxy for select API routes New QA - future
126935 openQA Project Promote /experimental/jobs/.../status as non-experimental API New openQA Project - Ready
126878 openQA Tests [desktop] test fails in gnome+do_not_import_ssh_keys New
126875 qe-yam test fails in yast_virtualization - network connection problem in SUT New
126872 openQA Infrastructure bot-ng pipeline(s) fail(s) to pull openSUSE container images New openQA Project - Ready Related to #123064
126866 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in samba_adcli on s390x In Progress ph03nix Related to #96512
126857 qe-yam Automate auto-installation on ALP Bedrock In Progress rainerkoenig qe-yam - Current Copied from #126848
126848 qe-yam Automate auto-installation on ALP Micro Workable qe-yam - Current Copied to #126857
126821 openQA Infrastructure [openQA][infra][worker]spvm backend worker boot failed New openQA Project - Ready
126815 openQA Tests [security][alp] test fails in audit2allow in selinux tests New
126812 openQA Tests [security][alp] test fails in fixfiles in selinux tests New
126800 openQA Project Add keyboard shortcuts on the openqa job page New QA - future
126794 openQA Tests [qe-core] sles EOL does not match in zypper lifecycle & zypper lifecycle sles-release In Progress dzedro
126788 qe-yam Change soft-failure to record_info if still needed in iscsi_server Workable qe-yam - Current
126770 qe-yam [sporadic] Investigate what trigger authentication screen in first_boot Workable qe-yam - Current
126755 openQA Tests [cloud-qa] LeapMicro 5.3 test fails in zypper_ref New
126752 openQA Tests [cloud-qa] LeapMicro 5.3 - test fails in remote_target New
126746 openSUSE admin OBS project for Kubescape Feedback
126734 openQA Tests incomplete job with 404 for hdd asset: sle-15-SP4-Server-DVD-Updates-s390x-Build20230326-1-mau-extratests_fips_kernelmode@s390x-kvm-linuxOne 0 New
126731 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in welcome: no dns resolution on malbec New
126707 openSUSE admin Spam in openSUSE:Factory New opensuse-admin-obs
126704 openQA Project [regression] developer mode does not allow to create needle after use of "skip timeout" size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready
126689 openSUSE admin updating OpenSUSE Leap v15.4 fails on laptop New
126680 openQA Project [openQA-in-openQA] no candidate needle with tag(s) 'boot-menu, openqa-desktop' matched in worker size:M Blocked okurz openQA Project - Ready
126677 openQA Infrastructure salt-states-openqa fails with 0 errors and result False messages buried in one of several places New QA - future 2023-04-14
126665 openQA Project Worker did not upload details when running into error size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready
126656 openQA Tests [desktop] test fails in firefox - firefox seem to be slow on wayland? New
126647 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in bootloader_start - we should use br0 not ovs-system Feedback rfan1 QA - QE-Core: Ready Related to #125783
126635 openQA Tests [desktop] gnome 44 - gnote does not close with 'ctrl-w' New
126623 openQA Project Tags can't coexist with builds that contain semicolons size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready
126617 qe-yam [sporadic] Bump timeout for command exportfs in yast2_nfs_server In Progress shukui qe-yam - Current
126614 openQA Tests test fails in push_container_image_to_AZURE New
126611 qe-yam Remove soft-failure in force_scheduled_tasks for bsc#1178761 Workable qe-yam - Current
126608 qe-yam Adapt oudated soft-failure bsc#1163000 Workable qe-yam - Current
126605 qe-yam Replace record_softfailure by record_info in zypper_lifecycle Workable qe-yam - Current Related to #95593
126602 qe-yam Verify workaround for bsc#1129504 is not needed anymore Workable qe-yam - Current
126599 qe-yam Adapt oudated soft-failure bsc#1097111 In Progress leli qe-yam - Current
126596 qe-yam Add SLES15SP4 migration regression cases to Misc. job group on aarch64, s390x and x86_64 New
126554 QA [qem-dashboard] Show more details about incident specific openQA jobs in dashboard ui New kraih openQA Project - Ready Related to #126548
126551 QA [qem-bot] Flag missing openQA jobs with qem-dashboard API New openQA Project - Ready Related to #126548
126527 openQA Project [spike] Parse comments to identify reproducible product issues using openqa-investigate size:M Feedback tinita openQA Project - Ready 2023-04-08
126518 openQA Tests [qe-core] Metadata check does not show up on GH like tidy (for instance) does New
126488 qe-yam [Investigate] Test stuck at 'Writing NIS configuration' in nis_client New
126446 openQA Tests no enabled repositories defined in registration New
126443 openQA Tests PublicIPCountLimitReached Cannot create more than 100 public IP addresses New
126440 openQA Tests No route to host in prepare_instance New
126437 openQA Tests az disk create failed New
126434 openSUSE admin some RAW links on* want to open in other app instead of current browser tab Feedback hellcp
126425 openQA Tests [qe-core][sporadic] test fails in zdup In Progress zluo QA - QE-Core: Ready Related to #123328
126344 qe-yam Fix failures on force_scheduled_tasks on s390x In Progress syrianidou_sofia qe-yam - Current
126332 openSUSE admin Fwd: How to add a new project under specific namespace? New
126323 ZSystems hashlink: 2 missing declarations New
126290 openQA Infrastructure Recover Workable openQA Project - Ready
126212 openQA Infrastructure response times very slow. No alert fired size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready Related to #124649, Related to #116722, Related to #112859, Related to #112961
126188 openQA Project [openQA][infra][worker][sut] openQA infra performance fluctuates to the level that that leads to tangible test run failure size:M Feedback mkittler openQA Project - Ready
126167 QA [epic][qem-bot] Inconsistent job counts in qem-dashboard size:M Blocked kraih openQA Project - Ready 2023-04-11
126146 openQA Tests [qem][qe-core] support apache2 / apache2-tls13 combination in SLES 12 SP5 Blocked ph03nix Related to #126122, Related to #126155, Has duplicate #126197
126143 qe-yam test fails in bootloader_start for ipmi worker Workable
126125 qe-yam As disk space limit, we need reduce modules for regression migration cases at powerVM In Progress hjluo qe-yam - Current
126113 QA [tools][metrics] Only show queries in backlogger output that are relevant for the according output mode New QA - future Copied from #121582
126089 openQA Tests [qem][qe-core]test fails in system_role on sles12 [no systemrole=textmode option] In Progress dzedro QA - QE-Core: Ready
126068 qe-yam Infinite grub timeout is not set for TW on o3 New
126065 openQA Project Provide an easy way to slow down test interaction around needle matches New QA - future
126062 openQA Project Implement gradual mouse motions as an option New QA - future
126053 openQA Tests [qe-core] Automate attaching logs to bugs open by openQA New
126038 openQA Tests [qe-core][xen]test fails in keyboard_layout_gdm [sporadic issue] Blocked rfan1 QA - QE-Core: Ready
125996 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in ntp_client: time too far off to correct in 30s New
125990 openQA Project Allow client-side validation of YAML files posted via `openqa-cli` New QA - future Related to #92311
125981 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in salt_master Blocked rfan1 QA - QE-Core: Ready
125930 openQA Tests [qem][qe-core]test fails in consoletest_finish, failed to unlock the desktop [may be caused by screen_saver?] Feedback dzedro QA - QE-Core: Ready Has duplicate #126284
125903 openQA Project Database connection error occurs when database is restarted size:M Feedback jbaier_cz openQA Project - Ready 2023-04-11
125897 openSUSE admin pagure01.infra.o.o / code-o-o - redis killed due to OOM, system RAM and swap maxed out Workable Related to #125687
125864 openQA Tests [qe-core] wicked is not properly configured after switching from NM to wicked New
125855 ALP Create OBS-sync scripts for ALP Micro and Bedrock In Progress jlausuch
125846 ALP [epic] March Prototype testing Workable Related to #124209, Related to #121093, Related to #117616, Related to #126041, Related to #126044, Related to #126047, Related to #126050
125804 qe-yam Increase timeout execution in the Continuos migration scenarios In Progress hjluo qe-yam - Current
125783 openQA Tests [jeos] Test fails in kdump_and_crash on SLE 12sp5 and 15sp4 XEN after worker migration from SLES to Leap 15.4 Blocked okurz openQA Project - Ready Related to #116644, Related to #126647
125774 openQA Tests [qe-sap]test fails in disable_kdump New emiura
125765 openQA Infrastructure Make Telegraf errors visible in alert handling Feedback okurz QA - future Copied from #121582
125759 qe-yam fail in yast2_bootloader does not produce yast logs for the test New
125753 qe-yam Retry command in iscsi_configuration to list the iscsi disk before wiping it Workable qe-yam - Current
125750 openQA Infrastructure In salt-states-openqa support machines requiring ssh password login for root user size:M Feedback osukup openQA Project - Ready 2023-04-11 Copied from #125534
125744 openQA Infrastructure [tools][alert][FIRING:1] (Failed systemd services alert (except QDG8aXAVz) due to unable to reach New dheidler QA - future
125717 qe-yam [sporadic] test fails in openldap_to_389ds In Progress tinawang123 qe-yam - Current
125708 openQA Project [epic] Future ideas for more stable non-qemu backends New QA - future Copied from #109656
125705 openQA Tests [security] test fails in firefox_nss Workable Related to #117010
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