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116794 Bring back + openQA Infrastructure High
116782 o3 s390 workers are offline openQA Infrastructure Urgent
116752 [alert] powerqaworker-qam-1: host up alert openQA Infrastructure High
116746 [alert] openqaworker9: host up alert openQA Infrastructure High
116743 [alert] QA-Power8-5-kvm: host up alert openQA Infrastructure High
116740 [alert] openqaworker14: host up alert openQA Infrastructure High
116566 salt-states-openqa: Failed pipeline for master openQA Infrastructure High
116563 `salt storage\*` times out openQA Infrastructure Normal
116539 not reachable and not triggering tests like krypton anymore QA Urgent
116494 Too many Minion job failures alert because needle-pusher is blocked on GitLab openQA Infrastructure High
116437 Recover qa-power8-5 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
116377 openQABot pipeline failing with KeyError: 'project' openQA Infrastructure High
116344 ( can not be reached size:M openQA Infrastructure High
116060 Recover openqaworker-arm-1 size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
115733 bot-ng pipeline fails because of empty dictionary in data returned by smelt size:M openQA Infrastructure High
115553 salt-states-openqa pipeline failed: Authentication failed for '' openQA Infrastructure Normal
115484 [alert] OSD deployment failed on 18.08.22 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
115226 Use ext4 (instead of ext2) for /var/lib/openqa on qa-power8 workers openQA Infrastructure Normal
115208 failed-systemd-services: logrotate-openqa alerting on and off size:M openQA Infrastructure High
115103 [tools] osc-plugin-qam reads Incident Priority from IBS but that was replaced by SMELT size:M QA Normal
115094 [tools] test fails in bootloader_start: redcurrant is down size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
114941 repository names inconsistent on o3 workers hence continuous update failed to update as "devel_openQA" as repo name is not found everywhere openQA Infrastructure Urgent
114923 We lost multi-machine capabilities within o3 due to openqaworker1 being replaced openQA Infrastructure Immediate
114908 [tools] not responding openQA Infrastructure High
114872 [tools] qam plugin throws exception in query for open requests in other groups QA Normal
114817 salt-states-openqa deployment failed due to SUSE ca issue on openqaworker-arm-2 openQA Infrastructure High
114802 Handle "QA network infrastructure Package loss alert" introduced by #113746 size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
114685 powerqaworker-qam-1 seems to have just gone unresponsive due to unknown reason openQA Infrastructure High
114586 fix openqaworker-arm-1+2+3 recovery pipeline (was: likely stuck in reboot loop) size:M openQA Infrastructure Immediate
114526 recover openqaworker14 openQA Infrastructure Normal
114397 glibc regression causes cron to crash openQA Infrastructure High
113797 Automated alerts and reminders about SLO's for openqatests size:M QA High
113746 monitoring: The grafana "ping time" panel does not list all hosts size:S openQA Infrastructure High
113671 [timeboxed][10h] Configure write of I/O panels to be on the negative Y-axis again once we're on grafana 8.4 size:S openQA Infrastructure Low
113662 Ensure upgrade of vanilla Leap 15.3 os-autoinst can be automatically upgraded to Leap 15.4 size:S openQA Infrastructure Normal
111998 Make our SLE related tooling work with upcoming changes to (2FA and ssh key based authentication) size:M QA Urgent
111986 Ensure is properly used openQA Infrastructure Normal
111710 [qa-tools] [tools] remove usage of *_TEST_TEMPLATE vars in qem-bot and openQA media definition if favor of *_TEST_REPOS size:M QA Normal
111473 Get replacements for imagetester and openqaworker1 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
111338 Open source size:M QA Low
111171 Handle installation of new FC switch size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
109746 Improve QA related server room management, consistent naming and tagging size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
64700 setup o3 workers openqaworker4 and openqaworker7 for multi-machine tests size:S openQA Infrastructure Normal
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114944 test fails in openqa_webui due to missing Tumbleweed assets openQA Tests Urgent Bugs in existing tests
109737 [opensuse][sporadic] test fails in chromium due to lost characters when typing in the address bar size:M openQA Tests High Bugs in existing tests
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116134 o3 logreport: Unknown 'min2022-03-01T15:21' openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
116107 openQA-in-OpenQA openqa_from_containers test fails in build size:M openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
115943 openQA message box becomes invisible when scroll bar is present openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
115178 openqa-investigate: Ensure proper error handling size:M openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
115106 Cancelled jobs can end up being stuck associated with worker openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
114881 [sporadic] OBS checks fail os-autoinst test "exceeds runtime limit of '200' seconds " from t/27-consoles-vmware.t on ppc64le size:M openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
114829 o3 logreport: malformed JSON string - size:S openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
114820 Error connecting to VNC over WebSockets server provided by VMWare openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
113138 sporadic failure in openQA test "t/ui/23-audit-log.t" size:M openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
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117136 Prevent the stale bot on github to close issues as they might still be valid just not worked on openQA Project Normal Feature requests
115334 [tools][openqa-in-openqa] test fails in start_test - likely due to o3 temporarily not available openQA Project Normal Feature requests
114878 isotovideo: Add option to disable color output size:S openQA Project Normal Feature requests
114451 Incidents from all test issues variables are collected during bisect size:M openQA Project Normal Feature requests
114412 Add support for "wait_screen_change" with "no_wait" option to allow to use on cases like "wait for every character to be typed" size:M openQA Project High Feature requests
113794 Use prepared OVMF image with expected settings size:M openQA Project High Feature requests
108530 os-autoinst wheels: x11_start_program from os-autoinst-distri-openQA dynamically loaded from another git repo size:M openQA Project High Feature requests
103962 [saga][epic] Easy multi-machine handling: MM-tests as first-class citizens openQA Project Normal Feature requests
94667 Optimize products/machines/test_suites API calls size:M openQA Project Low Feature requests
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115112 Conduct 5 Whys for "QEMU 6.2.0 assigns all CPUs to NUMA node 0 by default" size:M openQA Project High Organisational
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