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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
97409 openQA Infrastructure Re-use existing filesystems on workers after reboot if possible to prevent full worker asset cache re-syncing New QA - future Copied from #96554
54179 openQA Project Re-use YAML betweens different groups New QA - future
97412 openQA Infrastructure Reduce I/O load on OSD by using more cache size on workers with using free disk space when available instead of hardcoded space New QA - future Copied from #96554
108209 openQA Infrastructure Reduce load on OSD New QA - future Copied from #107875
96683 openQA Infrastructure Reducing the number of worker slots leads to failing systemd units New QA - future
15176 openQA Project Reload /tests/overview with configurable timeout or based on events New QA - future
67417 openQA Project Remote backend capability New QA - future Related to #107989
55187 openQA Project Replace live viewer with noVNC New QA - future Related to #31417
97217 openQA Project Report Product Bug from "Desktop" jobs always points to "Server" project New QA - future
118903 openQA Project Repositories for wheels should be cached New QA - future Copied from #117673
116716 openQA Infrastructure Repurpose ix64ph1079, ix64ph1080, ix64ph1081, e.g. as openQA workers New QA - future
122524 openQA Project Request for job started RabbitMQ message New QA - future
101602 openQA Project Research how to properly communicate these changes based on systemd files size:S Workable QA - future Copied from #101376
40538 openQA Project Reset/Clear guest RAM when it reboots in QEMU to reduce RAM snapshot size Workable QA - future Related to #59109
55415 openQA Project restart "recent incompletes" or "incompletes of today" easier then over web UI New QA - future Related to #55505, Related to #62420
104241 openQA Project Retrigger the original/initial job chain after parts have been retriggered New QA - future Related to #69979
108120 QA rpm and cpanspec: Support vx.y versions in perl modules New QA - future Copied from #92122
117256 openQA Project Run a command in the serial terminal producing a clear output New QA - future
75019 openQA Project s390 job via ppc64le worker incompletes on failure to connect to VNC due to "Use of uninitialized value $_[2] in substr at /usr/lib/perl5/5.26.1/ppc64le-linux-thread-multi/IO/" New QA - future Related to #71236, Related to #73525
107731 QA Salt all SUSE QA machines, at least passwords and ssh keys and automatic upgrading New QA - future Related to #107173
36090 qe-yam Save snapshots by name New QA - future Blocked by #49247
70774 openQA Project save_needle Minion tasks fail frequently New QA - future Related to #33745, Related to #61221, Related to #98499, Has duplicate #75070
95539 openQA Project Schedule parameters in job templates New QA - future
112322 openQA Project Scheduled product should work for cloned jobs New QA - future Copied to #112325
29925 openQA Project Searching for "not last (time period)" in needle admin interface does not find needles last use/match was "never" New QA - future
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