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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
67123 qe-yast Move yast2_samba from dev group to prod New qe-yast - Current Related to #66871, Related to #67363
66871 qe-yast [funcional][y] Re-enable samba test module in yast2-ncurses suite New qe-yast - Current Related to #67123, Related to #67363
66685 qe-yast [functional][y] Create automated test for "try" feature used in ifcfg option. New QA - future
66140 qe-yast [functional][y] Add support for the pop-up dialogs in qt New QA - future 2024-10-01
65702 qe-yast [functional][y] 200 HTTP response status code is returned even though invalid filter type is used New QA - future
65447 qe-yast [functional][y] Extend form of salt-formulas test New QA - future
65387 qe-yast [functional][y] Use body in POST requests instead of URL query parameters New QA - future
64316 qe-yast Automate YaST Online Search menu from yast2 sw_single module New QA - future Copied from #63595
63715 qe-yast Extend openQA test for bug #1140040 New QA - future
63655 qe-yast [functional][y] Test scenario when is not available and installer tries self update (bsc#1162903) New QA - future
63256 qe-yast [functional][y][SLE-7396][SLE-7634] Automate I/O device pre-configuration - installer part (yast and linuxrc) scenario New QA - future Copied from #62696
61780 qe-yast [functional][y][epic] test update for yast-samba re 389-ds Blocked JRivrain qe-yast - Current Has duplicate #70639
58505 qe-yast [functional][y][timboxed: 12h] Make console switching working for hyper-v backend in the installer New QA - future Related to #57281
57788 qe-yast [functional][y] Introduce automated test with half-backed network installation New QA - future
56477 qe-yast Implement notifications in case specific files were changed in PR New QA - future
53243 qe-yast [functional][y] Automate scenario for full disk as LVM PV New QA - future Copied from #40682
52286 qe-yast Automate scenario for yast2 dump YaST module on s390x New qe-yast - Current
51665 qe-yast [functional][y][s390][epic] Create new test suite for s390 specific yast modules New JERiveraMoya QA - future
50723 qe-yast [functional][y] Automate yast2 hostname using libyui-rest-api for tumbleweed New QA - future Blocked by #50726
50672 qe-yast [funtional][y][epic] Use libyui-rest-api for YaST modules testing In Progress JERiveraMoya QA - future 2024-10-01
49889 qe-yast [functional][epic][y] Switch between installation/install shell in specific scenarios (hyperv, ssh,vnc) In Progress JERiveraMoya QA - future
49172 qe-yast Implement migration test from same version to the same version (bsc#1128459) New QA - future
49157 qe-yast [epic] Introduce yast2_clone to more scenarios New JERiveraMoya QA - future
48542 qe-yast [functional][y] Unify console/yast2_i and yast2_gui/yast2_software_management test module New QA - future
46562 qe-yast [functional][y][snapper] Test regression bsc#1111414 for snapper comparison New QA - future
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