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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
116449 qe-yast [Epic] Manual testing of deliverables for Work Group 1:1 System Management (ALP September prototype) Workable qe-yast - Current
116227 openSUSE admin mirror wiki needs updating Workable andriinikitin
115793 openQA Tests [tools] test fails in update_install on PowerPC size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready Has duplicate #115820
115547 openQA Infrastructure openqaworker20 fails to boot, broken hardware size:M Workable nicksinger openQA Project - Ready Related to #111473, Related to #115418
115322 qe-yast [Epic] Update test coverage based on PRD for migration paths in SLE 15 SP5 Workable qe-yast - Current Related to #115229
115316 qe-yast Create test suite slem_installation_default using libyui in YaST group Workable
115289 openSUSE admin mx3/mx4: need two new virtual machines Workable pjessen
115271 qe-yast [Epic] Move corresponding SLE Micro 5.3 test suites to YaST squad Workable JERiveraMoya qe-yast - Current
115019 openQA Project os-autoinst/wheel-boot which can be used to test os-autoinst/wheel-launcher size:M Workable cdywan QA - future Copied from #115013, Copied to #115022
114851 openSUSE admin mirrorcache.o.o down (workaround in place) Workable andriinikitin
114730 qe-yast [Timebox: 16h] Investigate which job results block approval from qam-openqa review group Workable
113674 openQA Infrastructure Configure I/O alerts again for the webui after migrating to the "unified alerting" in grafana size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready Related to #112733
113644 qe-yast [Epic] Add migration paths with unreleased maintenance updates Workable JERiveraMoya qe-yast - Current Related to #115763
113366 openQA Infrastructure Add three more Prague located OSD workers size:M Workable nicksinger openQA Project - Ready Related to #80382, Copied from #104970
113357 openQA Infrastructure UEFI PXE or "network boot" support within size:M Workable QA - future
113318 openQA Project openQA live view stays blank when browser tab is staying open on scheduled jobs until jobs start size:M Workable QA - future
113162 openQA Tests [security][FIPS] Implement & Integrate LUKS test case into openQA - make sure test can pass in new official build Workable Copied from #109163
113126 openSUSE admin - two sections for "Asia" and "Oceania" ? Workable andriinikitin Related to #104550
112571 qe-yast [Epic] Enable libyui REST in YaST MU Workable qe-yast - Current
112409 ALP [epic] PoC for openSUSE ALP testing in openQA Workable
112337 openQA Project [ui/ux][easy] OpenQA admin UI: Link to last match of a needle points to invalid URL size:M Workable QA - future
112226 openQA Project [sporadic] swtpm socket not found anymore after loading from snapshot size:M Workable QA - future Related to #112241
112115 qe-yast [Epic] Finalize split of Core Maintenance Updates adding remaining test suites to YaST Maintenance Updates Workable qe-yast - Current
111314 openQA Project _SECRET_ variables are exposed in vars.json when the job is not completed. Workable QA - future Related to #110518
111107 openSUSE admin Can't login the manage list because suddenlink blocks opensuse list - need to change to gmail Workable
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