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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
64935 openQA Project Provide test results of "related results" on job details Workable QA - future
64881 openQA Project [epic] Reconsider triggering cleanup jobs New QA - future Related to #76984, Related to #96974
64830 openQA Project [ux][ui][easy][beginner] limit "keep_logs_in_days" to "keep_results_in_days" in webUI Workable QA - future Copied from #64824
64667 openQA Project START_DIRECTLY_AFTER_TEST - Child cancellation cancels other childs New QA - future
64412 openQA Project Get rid of eval in OpenQA::WebAPI::Plugin::HashedParams New QA - future
64201 openQA Project Make queued assigned jobs more distinguishable New QA - future
64174 openQA Project [ui][ux][help] /admin/obs_rsync could benefit from help popovers Workable QA - future
64129 openQA Project Set `$0` for upload process to something more explicit (was: Duplicate worker instances competing) New QA - future Related to #63853
64078 openQA Project [openqa-in-openqa] Tests covering bootstrap method Workable QA - future Related to #106922, Copied from #64069
63919 openQA Project Improve handling of additional UEFI settings New QA - future Copied from #34783
63802 openQA Project Further improve consistency of job states/results New QA - future Copied from #60458
63427 openQA Project tests incomplete with reason "api failure: 503 response: Service Unavailable" due to the webui host rebooting, expected: longer retry or retrigger New QA - future
63065 openQA Project [gsoc] dynamic detection of error conditions from test results New QA - future
62819 openQA Project 2nd select_console() call failed with pvm_hmc backend New QA - future Is duplicate of #57329
62606 openQA Project GENERAL_HW_POWEROFF_CMD broken with scripts if started from openQA New ggardet_arm QA - future
62504 openQA Project document test variables _START_AFTER_JOBS and similar New QA - future
62456 openQA Project [epic] test incompletes after failing in GRU download task on "Inactivity timeout" with no logs Workable QA - future
62441 openQA Project openqa-worker systemd service can timeout when stopping New QA - future Related to #61922, Related to #67000, Related to #93138
60758 openQA Project better feedback for Xvnc disconnecting clients, integration tests covering Xvnc in travis CI as well or OBS New QA - future Copied from #60539
60272 openQA Project Make fetching custom git repos (e.g. needles) more efficient New QA - future
60173 openQA Project Improve the openQA documentation New QA - future
60059 openQA Project logs of virtio_console1 and later not visible in web UI live view or assets tab Workable QA - future
59926 openQA Project test incompletes in middle of execution with auto_review:"Unexpected end of data 0":retry, system journal shows 'kernel: traps: /usr/bin/isotov[2300] general protection ip:7fd5ef11771e sp:7ffe066f2200 error:0 in[7fd5ef094000+1b1000]' New QA - future Related to #60443, Related to #53999, Related to #103584
59879 openQA Project module status "running" seems to report in very late or not at all New QA - future
59397 openQA Project Make openQA less "iso" centric New QA - future Copied from #33946
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