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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
114694 QA Incident seems to have missing aggregate test results in qem-dashboard but openQA jobs exists size:M Feedback kraih openQA Project - Ready 2022-10-14 Related to #110409, Related to #109310
116959 QA Unreliable/unusable audio connections using Jitsi instance on from Android clients Feedback okurz openQA Project - Ready 2022-10-21
117442 QE-Workstation [Regression] Regression test for SLED New QE-Workstation - 15sp5
117445 QE-Workstation [Acceptance] Acceptance test for SLED New QE-Workstation - 15sp5
12966 qe-yast Enable iSCSI client/server test scenario for openSUSE New Related to #37045, Blocked by #30892, Copied from #9482
39674 qe-yast Create AY test to verify on-demand service start New
52286 qe-yast Automate scenario for yast2 dump YaST module on s390x New
66871 qe-yast [funcional][y] Re-enable samba test module in yast2-ncurses suite New Related to #67123, Related to #67363
67123 qe-yast Move yast2_samba from dev group to prod New Related to #66871, Related to #67363
67258 qe-yast Test network configuration during 1st stage, linuxrc network, no config in the profile New Related to #67261
67261 qe-yast Test network configuration during 1st stage, no linuxrc network New Related to #67258
67363 qe-yast [functional][y] Remove or adapt workaround for yast2-samba ncurses test New Related to #66871, Related to #67123
67399 qe-yast [functional][y] Add test for testing scipts execution on all phases New
72283 qe-yast Grouping of test suites in openQA New Related to #54806
88311 qe-yast Automate scenario multi-btrfs in interactive installation New
89212 qe-yast Testing wi-fi networking configuration in yast2 network New
89215 qe-yast Test wi-fi configuration using yast2 networking manually New
89488 qe-yast Add timestamps to the screenshots being shown in openQA New
89494 qe-yast Validate editing partition for mount_by options New
90695 qe-yast Verify that Autoyast clones polkit settings New
91410 qe-yast Research on leverage loghost parameter New
92239 qe-yast Create installation scenario where DASD disk is formatted in the UI. New
92245 qe-yast Create textmode qcow with libyui pre-installed New
92773 qe-yast yast2_lan regression prevention New
93300 qe-yast Use LibyuiClient from cpan module in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse project New
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