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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
33070 qe-yam [bsc#1082535] add test to verify YaST dev packages in Dev Tools module New QA - future
33535 qe-yam [sle][functional][y][yast] test that FBA DASD devices cannot be formatted New QA - future
33556 qe-yam [ipmi]New test scenario: textmode+kvm_server_role@ipmi New QA - future Related to #32089, Blocked by #25510, Copied to #34219
34333 qe-yam [functional][y][epic] More test scenarios covering installation on existing partition layouts New QA - future
34414 qe-yam [autoyast] Add profile to test regression bsc#1088183 New QA - future
35745 qe-yam [sle][functional][y][bsc#1083487] - Use static port configuration for NIS/NFS instead of disabling firewalld in MM nfs client/server test suites New QA - future Related to #23822
36090 qe-yam Save snapshots by name New QA - future Blocked by #49247
37039 qe-yam [sle][functional][y] Partition disk before installation to verify storage proposal New QA - future
37042 qe-yam Implement feature to override beta flag for SLE modules in proxy SCC New QA - future
38060 qe-yam Verify correct status information on services list is displayed New QA - future Related to #39581
38435 qe-yam [qe-core][sle][functional][bsc#1099153] L3: UMASK for Home Directory in YaST New QA - future
38885 qe-yam [functional][y][epic] Extend network related yast2 modules tests to be proper multimachine tests New QA - future Related to #30892
39671 qe-yam [functional][y][regression][bsc#1099394] Verify YaST constructs wrong udev name for dm-uuid names New QA - future
39674 qe-yam Create AY test to verify on-demand service start New
40979 qe-yam [sle][functional][y][epic] New test strategy for autoyast profiles from ay-tests repo New QA - future Related to #23606
40988 qe-yam [sle][functional][y][timeboxed:16h] Establish pipeline for autoyast testing New QA - future
41948 qe-yam [functional][y] New test for formatting/mounting/encrypting a whole disk New QA - future
42356 qe-yam [functional][y] Test pipeline using openQA for autoyast related changes before they hit the product New QA - future
42890 qe-yam [functional][y][epic] Established workflow how system level test failures found in openQA of QA validation tests can be moved to earlier testing, e.g. staging, OBS devel projects, PR, commit New JERiveraMoya QA - future Related to #18000
44213 qe-yam YaST2 tests for quarterly refreshed ISOs New QA - future
45053 qe-yam Test installation over ssh as root on Tumbleweed with latest update forbidding root-password login New QA - future Related to #43703, Related to #44147, Blocked by #47846
46376 qe-yam [functional][y] Yast (and some console programs) not correctly displaying (from [opensuse-factory] mail) New QA - future
46562 qe-yam [functional][y][snapper] Test regression bsc#1111414 for snapper comparison New QA - future
48542 qe-yam [functional][y] Unify console/yast2_i and yast2_gui/yast2_software_management test module New QA - future
49157 qe-yam [epic] Introduce yast2_clone to more scenarios New JERiveraMoya QA - future
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