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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
113318 openQA Project openQA live view stays blank when browser tab is staying open on scheduled jobs until jobs start size:M Workable QA - future
49883 openQA Project OpenQA web ui choose wrong port for websocket if running on non-default port New QA - future
73114 openQA Project openQA WebUI - Missing duration info for failed test Workable QA - future
77014 openQA Project openQA webui entry "Assigned worker" shows ip instead of names as formerly Workable QA - future Related to #77209, Copied to #78438
94531 openQA Project OpenQA worker randomly skips uploading artefacts for whole test modules New QA - future Related to #102332, Related to #102786
122299 openQA Project openQA worker should fail with explicit error message if multi-machine test is triggered but requirements are not fulfilled New QA - future Related to #121789
102590 openQA Project openqa_review: pypi publishing based on every git commit in master, not just tags (was: Uploading to pypi stopped, also no git tags any more after 1.25.0) New QA - future Related to #102350
107980 openQA Infrastructure openqa-aarch64 - kernel traces in dmesg "watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#.* stuck for .*s! [qemu-system-aar:.*]" New QA - future Related to #54914
91359 openQA Project openqa-clone-job creates a huge output on stderr when cloning remote jobs New QA - future
81374 openQA Project openqa-dump-templates dumps all result (product, machine ..) when users specify --test New QA - future
42452 openQA Project openQA-in-openQA test fails in openqa_webui trying to access a TW snapshot repo on o3 that is already deleted and the test does not track the repo Workable QA - future Blocked by #12180
107794 openQA Infrastructure openqa-logwarn is missing messages New QA - future
93138 openQA Infrastructure openqa-reload-worker-auto-restart and openqa-worker-auto-restart fail if numofworkers is reduced New QA - future Related to #62441
97109 openQA Project openqa-review: Cache fetched urls New QA - future
53999 openQA Project openqa-worker (isotovideo) dumps core / segfaults quite often on several workers and distributions for cancelled jobs Workable QA - future Related to #58379, Related to #59926, Related to #60443
62441 openQA Project openqa-worker systemd service can timeout when stopping New QA - future Related to #61922, Related to #67000, Related to #93138
113240 openQA Project openqa-worker@.service returns 0 even when it fails to start New QA - future Copied from #105855
119356 openQA Project login was again redirecting to wrong page due to our javascript code conducting DoS attacks New QA - future
119479 openQA Infrastructure openqABot pipeline failed after runner getting stuck for 1h0m0s size:M Workable QA - future
101274 openQA Project openQABot pipeline failed with NewConnectionError New QA - future Related to #95822, Related to #105169
91770 openQA Project Optional job investigation information in "investigation" tab rather than comments New QA - future
105515 openQA Project Optionally keep pool dir content for debugging os-autoinst + openQA full stack tests New QA - future Related to #105429
78314 openQA Infrastructure Order 2 VMs for the LinuxONE Community Cloud New AdaLovelace QA - future
112325 openQA Project Original job group should be visible in cloned jobs New QA - future Copied from #112322, Copied to #112349
123664 openQA Project os-autoinst does not flush serial console buffer on snapshot reload New QA - future
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