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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
80732 openQA Infrastructure Monitoring on log alerts, also on grafana log alerts, maybe grafana-loki? Workable QA - future
16534 openQA Project more fun reviewing tests and therefore improving the quality of the tested products with gamification New QA - future
97862 openQA Infrastructure More openQA worker hardware for OSD size:M Blocked okurz QA - future Copied from #97043, Copied to #104970
62666 openQA Infrastructure Move into opensuse private network New QA - future
104520 openQA Project Move svirt extract_asset code from os-autoinst-distri-opensuse to os-autoinst/backend/ size:M auto_review:"unable to extract assets: Can't call method.+name.+on an undefined value":retry Workable QA - future Related to #76813, Related to #99663, Related to #105690, Copied from #104499
94024 QA MTUI unable to recover from failure to connect to the refhost New QA - future
111908 openQA Project Multimachine failures between multiple physical workers New QA - future
87725 openQA Project MULTIPATH backend variable doesn't set HDDMODEL for aarch64 New QA - future
117553 openQA Project multiple people can not access but can access, we should clarify the difference and maybe change our wording New QA - future Copied from #117550
101457 openQA Project Native per-module bug tags New QA - future
18484 openQA Project Needle editor confused by identically-named needles in different folders New QA - future
80994 openQA Project Needle editor is very unreliable when the worker is run without cleanups New QA - future
94606 openQA Project New builds of aggregate tests should not obsolete old ones New QA - future
56789 openQA Project New needles from git repository not working with openqa-clone-custom-git-refspec New QA - future Related to #57962, Related to #58289, Related to #54965, Related to #58574, Related to #59184, Related to #70333, Related to #91905, Copied to #59330
122791 openQA Project New PostgreSQL query deadlock on assets table New QA - future Related to #121768
94399 openQA Infrastructure No alert when arm workers are offline, alert if telegraf throws errors size:M Workable QA - future Related to #94438
113078 openQA Project no investigation job triggered for one case, not even "retry" job? New QA - future
123625 openQA Project No job_restart event for jobs restarted via `RETRY` New QA - future
51716 openQA Project No scheduling error generated for faulty PARALLEL_WITH config Workable QA - future Related to #65142
17252 openQA Project notifications to maintainer on failed modules New QA - future Related to #91467, Related to #91605, Copied from #16276
123175 openQA Project o3 fails to download images resulting in zero sized disk images/isos New QA - future Related to #120067, Related to #123649
105921 openQA Project o3 logreports - Cannot read symbolic link (/opt/openqa-trigger-from-obs/.../.run_last): No such file or directory New QA - future Related to #105828
105930 openQA Project o3 logreports - empty warnings/errors New QA - future Related to #105828
105918 openQA Project o3 logreports - fatal: Invalid revision range sha1..sha2 New QA - future Related to #105828
105915 openQA Project o3 logreports - Needle file <filename>.json not found within /var/.../opensuse/needles New QA - future Related to #105828
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