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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
68567 openQA Project Automatic submission of os-autoinst to openSUSE:Factory build job logs full of warnings and errors from osc and grep Workable QA - future
68413 openQA Project De-duplicate definitions of needle soft-fail markers (was: screenshot shows soft-fail border for a needle with bug reference but the module turns out to be "passed", expected "softfailed") Workable QA - future
68029 openQA Project Implement convenience wrappers around API routes New QA - future
68026 openQA Project Implement SKIPTO option when cloning New QA - future Related to #40520
68014 openQA Project Implement monitoring via openqa-cli New QA - future
68011 openQA Project Implement a clone command in openqa-cli New QA - future
68008 openQA Project Implement a retrigger command in openqa-cli Workable QA - future
67891 openQA Project Show web-UI-determined result within logs New QA - future
67855 openQA Project [tests][ci] circleci often abort in "cache" unable to read container image from New QA - future Copied to #72316
67669 qe-yam [y] Enable yast2_lan_restart_bond module for s390x New QA - future
67468 openQA Project Add the possibility to apply rootfs overlays on qcow2/raw images New QA - future
67429 openQA Project Raw text console capability New QA - future
67426 openQA Project Raw text backend capability New QA - future
67423 openQA Project Persistent console backend capability New QA - future
67420 openQA Project Persistent console console capability New QA - future
67417 openQA Project Remote backend capability New QA - future Related to #107989
67171 qe-yam [functional][y] Make check enabled by VALIDATE_ETC_HOSTS work on s390x New QA - future
67087 openQA Project Allow to configure retention period for the video individually New QA - future Related to #66922
66865 openQA Project Support !inherit tag in YAML job templates Workable QA - future
66685 qe-yam [functional][y] Create automated test for "try" feature used in ifcfg option. New QA - future
66610 openQA Infrastructure Prevent misleading login failing over http on https-enabled instances, e.g. disable non-SSL in production openQA instances using OpenID (OSD, o3) at least for login attempts New QA - future
66167 openQA Project Provide a debugging option for openqa-validate-yaml New QA - future
66140 qe-yam [functional][y] Add support for the pop-up dialogs in qt New QA - future 2024-10-01
66019 openQA Infrastructure Configure downsampling and a retention policy for InfluxDB Workable QA - future
65837 openQA Project [easy] rpmlint warnings to fix New QA - future
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