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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
110482 openSUSE admin ls: cannot access '/home/mirror/publish_logs/15.2/2021/12/29/*-deletes.log': No such file or directory In Progress pjessen
111404 openSUSE admin Account dismesso In Progress andriinikitin 2022-06-30
115091 openSUSE admin - not synced debuginfo packages In Progress pjessen
116800 openSUSE admin p.o.o edit access In Progress
117667 openSUSE admin Remove root passwords In Progress crameleon
120597 openSUSE admin LimeSurvey Security Update In Progress crameleon
125615 openSUSE admin Problem with our mirror - In Progress andriinikitin Related to #114811
52823 openSUSE admin nginx logs on pontifex - being rotated by /usr/sbin/nginx-compress-logs as well as by logrotate? In Progress pjessen 2022-08-23 Related to #108197
55838 openSUSE admin postmaster@, abuse@, hostmaster@ etc In Progress pjessen
102203 openSUSE admin mailman3 - uwsgi / gunicorn memory leak? In Progress pjessen Related to #101842, Related to #113111
104974 openSUSE admin mailman uwsgi logs - nothing logged since last year?? In Progress pjessen
108494 openSUSE admin [ [ftpsync-opensuse-ftp@ftp] ERROR: rsync errors] In Progress pjessen
109025 openSUSE admin gmail rejects mails from cboltz@o.o - SPF/DKIM/DMARC issue In Progress pjessen Related to #111536, Related to #116938
111246 openSUSE admin /srv/bs/bin/needed_push In Progress pjessen 2022-08-08 Related to #113632
111452 openSUSE admin A public instance of In Progress
111902 openSUSE admin DMARC check failing In Progress 2022-06-06
121993 openSUSE admin unable to process held_messages (reject, discard) in mailman In Progress pjessen 2022-12-22 Is duplicate of #116084
70015 openSUSE Leap 15.2 release retrospective KUDOS to the Translations team In Progress lkocman 2020-08-21
106610 openSUSE Leap 15.4 15 SP4 - Filelists for Package Hub subpackages In Progress bigironman 2022-04-27
62129 openSUSE Marketing Shop stuff In Progress hellcp
62609 openSUSE Marketing Generic images for news-o-o In Progress vinzv
63823 openSUSE Marketing Finish design In Progress
67435 openSUSE Marketing Nice and shiny 404 page In Progress hellcp
117811 qe-yam test fails in boot_encrypt: Skip boot_encrypt with new grub2 submission In Progress favogt
121555 qe-yam Multimachine test network setup fails fails in yast2_nfs_client and others In Progress pdostal Related to #124014
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