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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
121579 openQA Project Logs of openqa-worker-cacheservice-minion are incomplete and inconsistent New QA - future Related to #121573
60059 openQA Project logs of virtio_console1 and later not visible in web UI live view or assets tab Workable QA - future
121774 openQA Project LTP cgroup test appears to crash OpenQA worker instance In Progress QA - future
69337 openQA Project maintain both openSUSE and Fedora spec files upstream together? New QA - future
40382 openQA Project Make "ignored" issues more prominent (was: create new state "ignored") Workable QA - future Related to #39719
53168 openQA Project make "show only failures" change the URL to make that view shareable Workable QA - future
118891 openQA Infrastructure Make alerts depend on each other New QA - future Related to #118375
113725 qe-yam Make autoyast tests exit when the autoyast profile encounter issues New QA - future
118882 openQA Project Make available wheels more discoverable and share knowledge size:S Workable QA - future Related to #115001, Related to #117097, Copied from #118633
94717 openQA Project Make creating needles with "lower-than-default" match ratio more prominent New QA - future
60272 openQA Project Make fetching custom git repos (e.g. needles) more efficient New QA - future
52736 openQA Project Make it obvious why we call cpanm with an invalid mirror URL (was: error in package build about wrong use of cpanm) New QA - future
59397 openQA Project Make openQA less "iso" centric New QA - future Copied from #33946
70906 openQA Project Make openqa_restart event useful New QA - future
112850 openQA Infrastructure Make pgstatstatements persistent on OSD (in salt) New QA - future Copied from #112718
95821 openQA Project Make qa-maintenance/openQABot a proper public open source project New QA - future Copied from #94838
64201 openQA Project Make queued assigned jobs more distinguishable New QA - future
120169 openQA Infrastructure Make s390x kvm workers also use FQDN instead of IPv4 in salt pillars for VIRSH_GUEST New QA - future Copied from #109241
80678 openQA Project Make sure that certain amount of workers of some unique class is running New QA - future
125765 openQA Infrastructure Make Telegraf errors visible in alert handling Feedback okurz QA - future Copied from #121582
59085 openQA Project Make the YAML editor in Job group more user friendly New QA - future Related to #50675
19190 openQA Infrastructure make use of ix64ph1014, e.g. for proxymode Feedback mgriessmeier QA - future 2021-12-01
10704 openQA Project Make warnings in tests fatal New QA - future Related to #78240, Copied to #108503
33805 openQA Project Make worker registration resilient when multiple webuis are not reachable (was: Worker websocket registration blocks the worker loop) New QA - future
51836 openQA Infrastructure Manage (parts) of s390p7 and s390p8 with salt Blocked mgriessmeier QA - future Related to #51833, Related to #109969, Related to #127754
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