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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
101602 openQA Project Research how to properly communicate these changes based on systemd files size:S Workable QA - future Copied from #101376
91410 qe-yam Research on leverage loghost parameter New
40538 openQA Project Reset/Clear guest RAM when it reboots in QEMU to reduce RAM snapshot size Workable QA - future Related to #59109
55415 openQA Project restart "recent incompletes" or "incompletes of today" easier then over web UI New QA - future Related to #55505, Related to #62420
104241 openQA Project Retrigger the original/initial job chain after parts have been retriggered New QA - future Related to #69979
125054 openQA Infrastructure Review New QA - future
100443 openSUSE Leap 15.4 Review Release Retrospective In Progress openSUSE Leap 15.4 - Postprocessing
114361 openSUSE Leap 15.5 Review Release Retrospective New openSUSE Leap 15.5 - Postprocessing
125051 openSUSE admin Reviving, DNS record update record needed Feedback andriinikitin
124802 openSUSE admin RFC: continue to permit robots access to redmine ? Feedback
124340 openSUSE admin RFC: forward webmaster@o.o to admin@? New
111198 openSUSE admin - running daily cronjob scripts New
108120 QA rpm and cpanspec: Support vx.y versions in perl modules New QA - future Copied from #92122
123109 openSUSE admin Rsync authorize from New Has duplicate #123803
117256 openQA Project Run a command in the serial terminal producing a clear output New QA - future
113977 openSUSE Leap 15.5 run desktop-file translation extractor New openSUSE Leap 15.5 - Beta
127286 openQA Project Run openQA (webUI+worker) based on SLE+packagehub size:M In Progress openQA Project - Ready Copied from #127034, Copied to #127757
123634 qe-yam Run post-installation tests after installing with D-Installer CLI New
75019 openQA Project s390 job via ppc64le worker incompletes on failure to connect to VNC due to "Use of uninitialized value $_[2] in substr at /usr/lib/perl5/5.26.1/ppc64le-linux-thread-multi/IO/" New QA - future Related to #71236, Related to #73525
123972 openQA Project s390x tests fail to log into VNC console on worker2 due to already present VM with same mac address, check within backend New QA - future Copied from #123960
107731 QA Salt all SUSE QA machines, at least passwords and ssh keys and automatic upgrading size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready Related to #107173
125141 openQA Infrastructure Salt pillars deployment pipeline failed on "tumblesle" due to invalid security sensor repo size:M Workable QA - future
123127 openQA Tests salt_minion: debug message about lazy loading 'error: New
116380 qe-yam Sanitze code that leads to hickups in autoinst-log.txt New qe-yam - Current
36090 qe-yam Save snapshots by name New QA - future Blocked by #49247
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