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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
9710 openSUSE Release Process [python] implement package drop list manager New
10882 openSUSE Release Process [python] develop batch bug filing script New
19176 openSUSE Release Process [python,perl,shell] rewrite group translation extractor script for repomd New 2017-08-31
11944 openSUSE Release Process [python,packaging] package hyperkitty New
10808 openSUSE Release Process [python, perl, ruby] rewrite update_release_notes script in sane language New
10886 openSUSE Release Process [python, packaging] package factory-news-web properly New
77986 openQA Tests [publiccloud] Image SLES15-SP1-EC2-HVM.x86_64-0.9.2-Build1.58.raw.xz is not available in the cloud provider New
13714 openQA Project [process][redmine] backlink references in openqa comments to tickets inside the corresponding tickets, like github New QA - future Related to #13812
13278 openQA Project [process] Use redmine issue referencing to automatically reference or close issues with github changes New QA - future
122176 openQA Tests [ppc64le][y] test fails in bootloader - waiting for lpar x to shutdown New szarate
30595 openQA Infrastructure [ppc64le] Deploy bcache on tmpfs workers New QA - future Related to #30388, Related to #38780, Related to #64746, Related to #106841, Has duplicate #30249
14038 openSUSE Release Process [perl] repo-checker must ensure two packages can't produce the same output New
11080 openSUSE Release Process [perl] collect delta rpms during product build New
13762 openSUSE Release Process [perl,python,ruby,web] betatest application New
64334 openQA Tests [performance] test fails in select_packages in text mode installation New dawei_pang
71590 openQA Infrastructure [osd][alert] Implement proper monitoring of needed resources of workers New QA - future
120333 openQA Project [os-autoinst][ipmi] Add support for ssh jump host in IPMI backend New QA - future
71863 openQA Project [os-autoinst] Include tests in code coverage analysis Workable QA - future Copied from #71449
13166 openQA Tests [opensuse]xdg-utils tests to verify application launching New scarabeus_iv QA - future
20652 openQA Tests [opensuse]test mp3 playback New
98598 openQA Tests [opensuse]test fails in updates_packagekit_kde New favogt
19250 openQA Tests [opensuse]test fails in gimp New
18354 openQA Tests [opensuse]kdewallet has asked create a wallet for chromium New
16482 openQA Tests [opensuse]gnome-live@usb-boot: oofice starts up but vanishes again In Progress
18152 openQA Tests [opensuse]Chrome 57.0.2987.133 no longer asks for default browser New
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