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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
20900 openSUSE Release Process product-builder: register appdata in repmomd New
53606 openQA Project PRODUCTDIR invalid when in casedir (not product-subdir) and cloning from caching worker to caching worker New QA - future
129307 openQA Project Prominently present the presence of failed minion jobs to openQA admins New QA - future
126935 openQA Project Promote /experimental/jobs/.../status as non-experimental API New QA - future
5550 openSUSE Conference 2015 Promotion New 2015-04-10
42647 QA Proper integration of kernel tests into openSUSE Tumbleweed release process, e.g. teach ttm to support multiple job groups New QA - future Copied from #40478
120279 openQA Infrastructure Proper maintainership for openqa_service VM size:M Workable QA - future Related to #120874, Copied from #120276
696 Travel Support and merchandising mgmt Proper openSUSE/SLES packages New ancorgs Travel Support and merchandising mgmt - Post 1.2
239 Travel Support and merchandising mgmt Propose event plan to the board and get input. New Related to #271
67552 invisAD-setup Provide a changelog Feedback ingogoeppert invisAD-setup - Future
66167 openQA Project Provide a debugging option for openqa-validate-yaml New QA - future
126065 openQA Project Provide an easy way to slow down test interaction around needle matches New QA - future
112349 openQA Project Provide an option to always clone the latest version of the scenario run by the job New QA - future Related to #109707, Copied from #112325
80518 openQA Project provide container images for aarch64 New QA - future
104622 openQA Project Provide copy-able text output for failures in openqa_from_containers tests New QA - future 2022-01-13 Copied from #104619
35014 openQA Project Provide direct links to uploaded logs from the corresponding upload_logs step within the test details thumbnails New QA - future
88840 openQA Project Provide git hooks for style checks New QA - future
80382 openQA Project Provide installation recipes for automatic installations of openQA worker machines Workable QA - future Related to #113366
120118 openQA Project Provide job settings filter options New QA - future Related to #117655
89092 openQA Project Provide openQA or a subpart or os-autoinst over flatpak New QA - future
99138 openQA Infrastructure Provide ratio of tests by result in monitoring - by job group New QA - future Copied from #99135, Copied to #99141
88201 openSUSE Release Process Provide staging machines for all production setups New
64935 openQA Project Provide test results of "related results" on job details Workable QA - future
127538 openQA Project Provide version less container paths as default for openQA containers New QA - future
128534 openSUSE admin provo-mirror - directory index of "/srv/ftp/pub/opensuse/" is forbidden New
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