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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
116800 openSUSE admin p.o.o edit access In Progress
114475 openSUSE Leap 15.5 Package Hub subpackages (check for added/removed packages) New bigironman openSUSE Leap 15.5 - Beta 2023-02-16
121369 openSUSE admin Package mirror gone? Feedback andriinikitin
103884 ZSystems Packaging of OpenLiberty New
105280 ZSystems Packaging of Quarkus Workable hrauch
122872 openSUSE admin pagure01.i.o.o (code.o.o) rejects mails to @code.o.o New hellcp Is duplicate of #108215, Has duplicate #123757
123757 openSUSE admin pagure01.i.o.o (code.o.o) rejects mails to @code.o.o New Related to #108215, Is duplicate of #122872
11342 openSUSE Release Process pam_krb5.pot -> upstream New
121807 qe-yam Pass timeout/interval when using regex to find UI element with libyui-rest-api client In Progress hjluo qe-yam - Current
97604 invisAD-setup Passwörter von Mail-Konten im AD In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - Future 2021-12-30
115868 ZSystems Patch can not be applied in package cpupower New
120151 qe-yam Performance related failed cases in migraiton regression group New
67423 openQA Project Persistent console backend capability New QA - future
67420 openQA Project Persistent console console capability New QA - future
78222 openQA Infrastructure Persistent postgres setup and configuration in salt Workable QA - future Copied from #76903
96552 openQA Infrastructure Persistent records of I/O usage by process size:M Workable QA - future Related to #96447, Copied from #96551
77704 openQA Project Phase out Gru tables and other no longer needed Gru abstractions New QA - future Related to #75073
123331 openSUSE admin Please help with my openSUSE mailing list subscription: Feedback
104328 openSUSE admin pontifex - unusual requests with or appended New pjessen
104712 openSUSE admin pontifex apache logs - why are there ipv4 client addresses in the ipv6 logs? In Progress pjessen Related to #105807
101848 openSUSE admin Poor performance of - web ui, running very slowly. Workable Related to #104899, Related to #113111
114418 openSUSE admin Possible problem in some South America (Brazil) mirror New andriinikitin
77701 openSUSE admin post-mortem - mailing list migration New
80506 openQA Project post/put on test_suites always denied with "Missing parameter: name" Workable QA - future
122605 openSUSE admin postfix config on needs some TLC New
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