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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
89116 openQA Project Enable openQA cloud IDE workflow out of the box New QA - future
119371 openQA Project [darkmode] Search results are bright white New QA - future Related to #119032
119374 openQA Project [darkmode] Various tables have broken borders New QA - future Related to #119032
119563 openQA Project [darkmode] Update obs_rsync New QA - future Related to #119032
89536 openQA Project Use openqa-review consistently from only package or only git, not mixed New QA - future Copied from #75214
89749 openQA Project containers: Allow to the user to choose the source of images in the docker-compose New QA - future
89842 openQA Project [epic] Scalable and streamlined docker-compose based openQA setup New QA - future
89920 openQA Project Extend existing openQA-in-openQA tests as a learning exercise to know where our instructions or beginner situation can be improved New QA - future
89929 openQA Project containers: Fix nginx configuration to independence the WS and livehandler backend urls of the docker-compose parent directory New QA - future
90167 openQA Project Setup initial salt infrastructure for remote management within o3 New QA - future
90344 openQA Project kubevirt backend for openQA and/or os-autoinst New QA - future
90347 openQA Project Support for downloading snapshots New QA - future
90545 openQA Project Add additional option for build sorting within a jobgroup New QA - future
90995 openQA Project containers: Reduce the testing time for "webui-docker-compose" New QA - future Related to #90767
91359 openQA Project openqa-clone-job creates a huge output on stderr when cloning remote jobs New QA - future
91494 openQA Project [epic] work on #90152 caused deployment problem and no monitoring alert New QA - future Copied from #91461
91509 openQA Project Easy way to check and compare coverage in multiple openQA instances New QA - future
91584 openQA Project containers: ensure the failure of the web UI container when Apache fails New QA - future
91631 openQA Project [easy][beginner][doc] document suggestions how to include test distributions in docker-compose based setup New QA - future
91656 openQA Project [qe-core] os-autoinst-distri-opensuse YAML schedule file comparison New QA - future
91770 openQA Project Optional job investigation information in "investigation" tab rather than comments New QA - future
91815 openQA Project containers: Expand the docker-compose CI test to check healthy of containers New QA - future
91884 openQA Project [spike][timeboxed:18h] Demonstrate how Playwright helps with tricky UI tests New QA - future Related to #91659, Copied from #91232
91905 openQA Project webui fails to display needles when using a git repository as CASEDIR New QA - future Related to #56789
125708 openQA Project [epic] Future ideas for more stable non-qemu backends New QA - future Copied from #109656
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