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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
480 Travel Support and merchandising mgmt Contact Suppliers and get quotes In Progress
485 Travel Support and merchandising mgmt Get artwork list reviewed In Progress
63823 openSUSE Marketing Finish design In Progress
67255 MicroOS 15.2 location on download.o.o In Progress 2020-06-02
116800 openSUSE admin p.o.o edit access In Progress
16482 openQA Tests [opensuse]gnome-live@usb-boot: oofice starts up but vanishes again In Progress
19396 openQA Tests [opensuse][ppc64] test fails in welcome with "character artifacts" -> invalid bug suggests "console=hvc" In Progress
31573 openQA Tests [desktop][gui]Potentially replace all occurences of "x11" with "gui" in our tests In Progress
63026 openQA Tests [sporadic] ncurses dialogs are broken (multiple `Ì` instead of lines) In Progress
66200 openQA Tests [microos] MicroOS: test fails in bootloader_uefi In Progress
66358 openQA Tests [qe-sap][sles4sap] Tests specified with machine 2G but the test specifies 32G . This is not the way tests are intended to run and multiple jobs incomplete In Progress
87788 openQA Tests [qe-core][s390x] Additional boot parameters based on workaround or not In Progress
102227 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in zypper_lifecycle - Move zypper related tests out of the current scenarios to a gnome only scenario In Progress Related to #95935
111452 openSUSE admin A public instance of In Progress
111902 openSUSE admin DMARC check failing In Progress 2022-06-06
117010 openQA Tests [security] test fails in firefox_nss (fips_env_mode_Firefox_powervm) In Progress Related to #125705
120459 openQA Tests [security] luks1_decrypt_ssh_server fails on tumbleweed; test-logic: unlock_via_ssh_server seems flawed In Progress
37414 invisAD-setup Implementation of SingleSignOn In Progress invisAD-setup - Future
13246 openQA Tests [opensuse]Add tests for Live-DVD Installer In Progress QA - future Copied from #12956
121774 openQA Project LTP cgroup test appears to crash OpenQA worker instance In Progress QA - future
2622 Staging project workflow obs_factory: test suite In Progress ancorgs
103209 openSUSE admin Apparently inactive mirror - - RPM PBone Search In Progress andriinikitin
110406 openSUSE admin Wrong URL in UNICAMP mirror In Progress andriinikitin 2022-05-23
111404 openSUSE admin Account dismesso In Progress andriinikitin 2022-06-30
125615 openSUSE admin Problem with our mirror - In Progress andriinikitin Related to #114811
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