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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
130234 openQA Tests [security] Cleanup old encrypted install tests In Progress emiler Related to #130228
130348 openQA Tests [security][15-SP4][maintenance] fips_(env|ker)_mode_tests_crypt_tool: test fails in openvswitch_ssl In Progress pstivanin
130354 openQA Tests [security][15-SP4][maintenance] test fails in links_https due to openssl failure In Progress pstivanin
103209 openSUSE admin Apparently inactive mirror - - RPM PBone Search In Progress andriinikitin
104712 openSUSE admin pontifex apache logs - why are there ipv4 client addresses in the ipv6 logs? In Progress pjessen Related to #105807
106849 openSUSE admin Reject non-subscriber mailinglist posts on most MLs In Progress pjessen Related to #80620
110406 openSUSE admin Wrong URL in UNICAMP mirror In Progress andriinikitin 2022-05-23
110482 openSUSE admin ls: cannot access '/home/mirror/publish_logs/15.2/2021/12/29/*-deletes.log': No such file or directory In Progress pjessen
111404 openSUSE admin Account dismesso In Progress andriinikitin 2022-06-30
115091 openSUSE admin - not synced debuginfo packages In Progress pjessen
117667 openSUSE admin Remove root passwords In Progress crameleon
125615 openSUSE admin Problem with our mirror - In Progress avicenzi Related to #114811
127769 openSUSE admin bugzilla mails not being sent ? In Progress Has duplicate #128096
52823 openSUSE admin nginx logs on pontifex - being rotated by /usr/sbin/nginx-compress-logs as well as by logrotate? In Progress pjessen 2023-05-17 Related to #108197
55838 openSUSE admin postmaster@, abuse@, hostmaster@ etc In Progress pjessen
102203 openSUSE admin mailman3 - uwsgi / gunicorn memory leak? In Progress pjessen Related to #101842, Related to #113111
104974 openSUSE admin mailman uwsgi logs - nothing logged since last year?? In Progress pjessen
108494 openSUSE admin [ [ftpsync-opensuse-ftp@ftp] ERROR: rsync errors] In Progress pjessen
109025 openSUSE admin gmail rejects mails from cboltz@o.o - SPF/DKIM/DMARC issue In Progress pjessen Related to #111536, Related to #116938
111246 openSUSE admin /srv/bs/bin/needed_push In Progress pjessen 2022-08-08 Related to #113632
111677 openSUSE admin Decomission of unused machines In Progress crameleon
111902 openSUSE admin DMARC check failing In Progress 2022-06-06
70015 openSUSE Leap 15.2 release retrospective KUDOS to the Translations team In Progress lkocman 2020-08-21
106610 openSUSE Leap 15.4 15 SP4 - Filelists for Package Hub subpackages In Progress bigironman 2022-04-27
62129 openSUSE Marketing Shop stuff In Progress hellcp
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