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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
80226 openQA Project job incomplete with autoinst-log.txt ending just in the middle New QA - future
80778 openQA Project job incompletes with "Virtio terminal and svirt serial terminal do not support send_key", we should change the reason message to be ignored by auto-review, but be clear for the test maintainer Workable QA - future Has duplicate #93393
73369 openQA Project Job incompletes with auto_review:"(?s)backend died: runcmd .*qemu-img create -f qcow2 .* failed with exit code 1: 'Formatting .*" on o3 Workable QA - future
70876 openQA Project Job incompletes with auto_review:"(?s)qemu version detected.*Driver backend collected unknown process.*failed to start VM":retry and no further detail Workable QA - future
73525 openQA Project Job incompletes with auto_review:"backend died: unexpected end of data at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/consoles/*":retry New QA - future Related to #75019, Related to #71236
81010 openQA Project job incompletes with auto_review:"cache failure: Cache service.*DBD::SQLite::db do failed: database is locked":retry New QA - future
73273 openQA Project job incompletes with auto_review:"setup failure: Cache service status error from API.* file is not a database .*":retry Workable QA - future Related to #67000
73375 openQA Project Job incompletes with reason auto_review:"(?m)api failure$" (and no further details) Workable QA - future Related to #73396
76765 openQA Project job is incomplete with reason just being "api failure" and no logs can be uploaded due to OOM condition on worker, improve reason to point to potential causes Workable QA - future Copied from #75454
96507 openQA Project Job terminated prematurely during needle check auto_review:"isotovideo: backen.*: free.*: invalid pointer":retry New QA - future
112748 openQA Project Jobs are started despite their chained parent job ran into a timeout New QA - future
81004 openQA Project jobs incomplete with auto_review:"(?s)sol deactivate: Info: SOL payload already de-activated":retry New QA - future
113758 openQA Project Jobs restarted with `RETRY` are not shown as 'clones', so it is hard or impossible find the original job New QA - future Related to #104007
113761 openQA Project jobs restarted with `RETRY` have a comment, so the build gets the grey "commented" 'badge' if all failed jobs were retried New QA - future
98682 openQA Infrastructure jobs run powerqaworker-qam-1 fail with auto_review:"(?s)powerqaworker-qam-1.*Can't write to file (.*): No space left on device at .*":retry size:M Workable QA - future Related to #97139
121588 QA Jobs shown on qem-dashboard are missing in OSD New QA - future
112874 openQA Project Jobs stuck in assigned, worker reports to be "currently stopping" for > 21h New QA - future
55238 openQA Project jobs with high amount of log files, thumbnails, test results are incompleted but the job continues with upload attempts New QA - future Related to #55904, Copied from #54902, Copied to #55328
90344 openQA Project kubevirt backend for openQA and/or os-autoinst New QA - future
102524 openQA Project Let openQA tests automatically spawn a test DB process if not already running New QA - future Related to #102521
89737 qe-yam libyui-rest-api does not unselect previous items selected with YSingleItemSelector New QA - future
70795 openQA Project Link to tests overview triggered by specific trigger event Workable QA - future Copied from #70792
89972 openQA Project List of openQA plugins, helpers, tools Workable QA - future
121378 openQA Project load_templates sometimes fails with "unknown error code", then works after a while New QA - future
108974 openQA Infrastructure Loan Fujitsu server for OpenQA FIPS testing needs New QA - future
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