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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
53405 openQA Project [logwarn] o3: "gnome:Laptop_64 has no child, check its machine placed or dependency setting typos" New QA - future
53474 openQA Project [easy][beginner][monitoring] "mkdir /var/lib/openqa/images/0bf/862/.thumbs: File exists at /usr/share/openqa/script/../lib/OpenQA/Schema/Result/ line 1227." New QA - future
53546 openQA Project Easier dependencies handling for packages, e.g. reduce duplication of build requirements in spec, documentation, Dockerfile New QA - future Related to #43619, Related to #55346, Related to #66649, Related to #66721, Related to #73309, Blocked by #56525
53606 openQA Project PRODUCTDIR invalid when in casedir (not product-subdir) and cloning from caching worker to caching worker New QA - future
53912 openQA Project Use available space for caching on each worker for increased performance New QA - future
54179 openQA Project Re-use YAML betweens different groups New QA - future
54806 openQA Project [epic] Better user control over job group overview New QA - future Related to #55424, Related to #72283
55187 openQA Project Replace live viewer with noVNC New QA - future Related to #31417
55232 openQA Project Explore the use of consoles calling ssh in tests rather than ssh-based backend terminals can improve stability and reviewability New QA - future
55238 openQA Project jobs with high amount of log files, thumbnails, test results are incompleted but the job continues with upload attempts New QA - future Related to #55904, Copied from #54902, Copied to #55328
55262 openQA Project Install Pgpool-II or PgBouncer before PostgreSQL for openQA instances, e.g. to be used on OSD New QA - future Related to #69355
55415 openQA Project restart "recent incompletes" or "incompletes of today" easier then over web UI New QA - future Related to #55505, Related to #62420
55904 openQA Project /status updates are too heavy with external results New QA - future Related to #56591, Related to #55238
56594 openQA Project Why would a worker host need to upload images to another machine when afterwards the image is only used on the same worker host? New QA - future
56789 openQA Project New needles from git repository not working with openqa-clone-custom-git-refspec New QA - future Related to #57962, Related to #58289, Related to #54965, Related to #58574, Related to #59184, Related to #70333, Related to #91905, Copied to #59330
56822 openQA Project Greyscaling of needle matches can produce false positives New QA - future
56999 openQA Project [epic] Run post-fail hook when cancelling cluster jobs? New QA - future
57035 openQA Project Worker keeps running on errors while waiting for cache service New QA - future
59109 openQA Project use ballooning to improve snapshot performance New QA - future Related to #40538
59397 openQA Project Make openQA less "iso" centric New QA - future Copied from #33946
59879 openQA Project module status "running" seems to report in very late or not at all New QA - future
59926 openQA Project test incompletes in middle of execution with auto_review:"Unexpected end of data 0":retry, system journal shows 'kernel: traps: /usr/bin/isotov[2300] general protection ip:7fd5ef11771e sp:7ffe066f2200 error:0 in[7fd5ef094000+1b1000]' New QA - future Related to #60443, Related to #53999, Related to #103584
60173 openQA Project Improve the openQA documentation New QA - future
60272 openQA Project Make fetching custom git repos (e.g. needles) more efficient New QA - future
60758 openQA Project better feedback for Xvnc disconnecting clients, integration tests covering Xvnc in travis CI as well or OBS New QA - future Copied from #60539
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