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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
110632 openQA Project Capture stderr of job_done_hooks as well New QA - future
110794 openQA Project Applying carry-over retroactively New QA - future Related to #110881
110833 openQA Project [saga][epic] Scale up: openQA can handle a schedule of 100k jobs with 1k worker instances New QA - future Copied from #64746
111072 openQA Project [epic] Extend filtering on /tests and /tests/overview New QA - future
111135 openQA Project Enhance email notification message content for about failed and unreviewed jobs New QA - future Related to #111215
111234 openQA Project Add version to job group display New QA - future
111908 openQA Project Multimachine failures between multiple physical workers New QA - future
112001 openQA Project [timeboxed][spike solution] Pin multi-machine cluster jobs to same openQA worker host based on configuration New QA - future
112256 openQA Project Some children of parent job not cancelled (or later, restarted) when parent `parallel_failed` due to another child's parallel job failing New QA - future Related to #110458
112319 openQA Project Better and earlier checks of test code against "wrong API usage" New QA - future Related to #99663
112322 openQA Project Scheduled product should work for cloned jobs New QA - future Copied to #112325
112325 openQA Project Original job group should be visible in cloned jobs New QA - future Copied from #112322, Copied to #112349
112349 openQA Project Provide an option to always clone the latest version of the scenario run by the job New QA - future Related to #109707, Copied from #112325
112736 openQA Project Better alert based on 2022-06-18 incident New QA - future Related to #112718
112748 openQA Project Jobs are started despite their chained parent job ran into a timeout New QA - future
112862 openQA Project [saga][epic] Future ideas for easy multi-machine handling: MM-tests as first-class citizens New QA - future Copied from #103962
112868 openQA Project Helpful instructions to prevent incomplete cluster restarts New QA - future
112874 openQA Project Jobs stuck in assigned, worker reports to be "currently stopping" for > 21h New QA - future
112903 openQA Project carried over bugref+label comment undeleteable New QA - future
112946 openQA Project Extend openQA documentation with best practices what to do after migration, e.g. look at pg_stats New QA - future Copied to #112949
113078 openQA Project no investigation job triggered for one case, not even "retry" job? New QA - future
113240 openQA Project openqa-worker@.service returns 0 even when it fails to start New QA - future Copied from #105855
113402 openQA Project Handle error messages in existing helm chart CI test logs New QA - future
113408 openQA Project bot-ng trigger test two times for incidents New QA - future
113432 openQA Project Changing filters on /tests/overview queries having multiple flavors selected looses all flavors but one New QA - future
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