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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
64667 openQA Project START_DIRECTLY_AFTER_TEST - Child cancellation cancels other childs New QA - future
64881 openQA Project [epic] Reconsider triggering cleanup jobs New QA - future Related to #76984, Related to #96974
65837 openQA Project [easy] rpmlint warnings to fix New QA - future
67087 openQA Project Allow to configure retention period for the video individually New QA - future Related to #66922
67423 openQA Project Persistent console backend capability New QA - future
67468 openQA Project Add the possibility to apply rootfs overlays on qcow2/raw images New QA - future
67855 openQA Project [tests][ci] circleci often abort in "cache" unable to read container image from New QA - future Copied to #72316
67891 openQA Project Show web-UI-determined result within logs New QA - future
68011 openQA Project Implement a clone command in openqa-cli New QA - future
68014 openQA Project Implement monitoring via openqa-cli New QA - future
68026 openQA Project Implement SKIPTO option when cloning New QA - future Related to #40520
68029 openQA Project Implement convenience wrappers around API routes New QA - future
68839 openQA Project [ui][ux][beginner] Show job group properties and template for non-admins New QA - future
69205 openQA Project Implement mocks for javascript in unit tests New QA - future
69274 openQA Project Directly chained jobs are accidently skipped New QA - future
69319 openQA Project Surface relevant versions used by job worker New QA - future
69337 openQA Project maintain both openSUSE and Fedora spec files upstream together? New QA - future
69451 openQA Project [epic] test incompletes with "(?s)Download.*successful.*Failed to download":retry, not helpful details New QA - future Copied from #69448, Copied to #71827
69487 openQA Project Handle temporary javascript cache download errors "Unable to download*.ttf: Premature connection close" New QA - future
69700 openQA Project Predefined QEMU hardware profiles in os-autoinst New QA - future Related to #9590
70204 openQA Project Expose dedicated API docs to replace "not found" page New QA - future
70612 openQA Project better error handling in testapi function script_output (was: script_output() ignores parse errors) New QA - future
70615 openQA Project Calling select_serial_terminal() twice on s390x svirt backend results in error New QA - future
70618 openQA Project Automatically avoid restarting the directly chained parent if possible to save time New QA - future Related to #70720, Related to #69979, Related to #68956
70633 openQA Project Add option to keep unchanged jobs when rescheduling a product New QA - future
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